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I disagree
Date: 6/26/13 11:40 am
In Response To: Oh Nostalgia, how it blinds the brain (Revenant1988)

: All everyone seems to remember or talk about is the "good" stuff
: about Halo 2. I hated Halo 2, it was not a good gaming experience for me.

: I remember: - Legendary not being "Legendary", it was an un-fun
: perversion of what HCE defined legendary as.
: - Buggy graphics in game
: - Cut scenes and that "pop" that they liked to do
: - "Hi Earth! Bye Earth!"
: - Stupid 3rd party bands
: - Stupid AI
: - Boring, uninteresting, bullet sponge Brutes
: - Sniper Alley
: - Weak vehicles
: - Shadow being in the game for 10 min.
: - One gun to rule them all, campaign and MP.
: - Giant plant monster that would have benefited from more explanation in the
: game
: - Boss fight. That was...not very Halo-y to me.
: - Cliff hanger ending

: MP
: - Rampant standby by other players
: - Boosting
: - Button glitches
: - Super bouncing
: - Backwash being robbed from me

: All I remember are game magazines throwing 9/10 and 10/10 at it like it was
: perfect, and it was very much NOT. Though, that could be attributed to the
: fact that it had "halo" in the title and people were clamoring
: for a sequel. The same could be said about Halo 4 too. That game was
: getting 9s and 10s everywhere and its not a 9 or 10 game. Perhaps that has
: more to do with game media not really being honest and needing money etc.

: I digress.

: On one hand, Halo 2 seems like the IDEAL candidate for a remake in my mind.
: Fix the bugs, polish the look, and give the campaign a face lift it
: deserves.

: On the other hand, people will only want it for MP because Halo 2 MP is what
: put XBL on the map, but the funny thing is, is that if people actually GOT
: Halo 2 MP, as it was back then, unmolested, they'd get bored with it.

: "Make it faster, I need sprint!" "Where are my armor
: abilities?"

: People never take into account how much progress something can experience
: over time and they let nostalgia cloud memories to the point they only
: remember the good.

: I guess I'd be with Grizz on this one.

I had always adored the Halo 2 Campaign and Multiplayer.

The campaign, while buggy, was a fantastic story. I could go back and watch those cutscenes over and over again. I did enjoy the gameplay as well. Sure the Brutes were bullet sponges, but that didn't make the game any less fun for me.

: My take? Sure, go ahead and remake the campaign ONLY, as a standalone item.
: Include the full MP maps as part of Halo 4 or Halo 5. People that want to
: relive the campaign win, and the MP population isn't split. I really liked
: Halo 2's MP maps, but I didn't enjoy them outside of a LAN.

NO NO NO!! This is exactly the decision that they made in with Halo 3 that I absolutely hated. They changed the code around to make it play similarly to Halo 1, they added in some updated original maps, but it was NOT Halo 1 multiplayer.

The great thing about Halo 2 was that it had so much personality to it when it came to multiplayer. There was always something to do even though without the need for Forge. It was 3 hour long games of Zombies, glitching out of maps, super bouncing, simple-but-effective custom games, honor rule custom games. To me, it is what made the multiplayer great. Sure, button combos were annoying, but it was something that defined the game.

And don't even get me started on the maps. Halo 2 had the best lineup of maps I've ever seen in an FPS. They gave the game so much replay value. There was ALWAYS something fun to do.

If they were to add in Halo 2 Multiplayer, I would want it 100% unchanged from what it was like on the Original Xbox. I want the button combos, the glitches, the super bounces, everything. It is those tiny things that made the game so great, and my experience would feel stunted without it.

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