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Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2A
Date: 6/26/13 12:10 am
In Response To: Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2A (Grizzlei)

: I'm really anticipating the day when simple HD remakes are a trend long
: relegated to the GameStop bargain bin. Anniversary games are SOOOOOOOOOO
: 2011 anyways.

: Instead, use Halo 4 or Halo 2014 as an anniversary celebration. Pick a
: selection of maps that fans really enjoyed in Halo 2 and recreate them. No
: time and money will have been wasted on a high-definition campaign upgrade
: that is unreasonable. Also, how about expanding the Halo 2-era fiction
: between October and November 2552! Graphic novels, novels, and anime
: shorts would be perfect. There's plenty of content that csn be derived
: from this as god knows there's a treasure chest full of plotholes.

Definitely agree about the story side, though I'd be scared that 343i wouldn't respect the art direction of the era and try to inject their own special sauce. But I've got the graphic novel script ready if they want me to make the Halo 'Shadows of the Empire' between 2 and 3. Seeing Johnson reactivate Crow's Nest as Buck uses Vergil to break down a Covenant Spire over the York Megalopolis to let in a convoy of Scorpions and Grizzlies led by Dutch... I wish I had the time for another massive fan-project. :(

In terms of a remake of the Halo 2 campaign, I personally doubt they could do the visuals justice after making me cry during half of Halo: CE A. They'd probably also feel the need to add in an extra note or drum beat here and there to great songs like Peril and Delta Halo. I'd much rather they leave it alone and let my blood pressure rest. I'm glad my original XBox still works and the PC version provides some nice upscaling if I want that.

As for the multiplayer side of things... Remakes of classic maps are always fun, but I don't think you can really capture the magic of the original Halo 2 Live experience without making an exact copy. And even then, people probably wouldn't get the same love out of it. Nostalgia is great until you actually return to the past and find it's not the same as you remember it because a thousand other factors have changed. People have changed, technology has changed, friends have moved on...

Some things should just be left to sleep in our memories, awoken every once in a while at a LAN for a few rounds of fun.

343i should just focus on making Halo 5 the best it can be and that's it.

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So, about H5, E3, and H2AAvateur6/25/13 10:48 pm
     Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2AGrizzlei6/25/13 11:09 pm
           That was a bold statement and I apologize *NM*Grizzlei6/25/13 11:10 pm
           Don't apologize for speaking the truth *NM*rhubarb6/25/13 11:24 pm
           I strongly agree to the above. *NM*robofin1176/25/13 11:28 pm
           Only Thing I Didn't Like Was The All Bold.Morpheus6/25/13 11:35 pm
           Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2ALeviathan6/26/13 12:10 am
                 Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2AKermit6/26/13 8:18 am
                 Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2AUrban Reflex6/26/13 9:58 am
                       I would too *NM*scarab6/26/13 1:57 pm
                             Re: I would tooLeviathan6/26/13 2:40 pm
                                   Re: I would toopadraig086/26/13 2:53 pm
                                         Re: I would tooSonofMacPhisto6/26/13 4:11 pm
                                               Re: I would tooLeviathan6/26/13 6:50 pm
                                                     Re: I would toopadraig086/27/13 10:24 am
                                   Re: I would tooUrban Reflex6/26/13 6:44 pm
                                         Re: I would tooLeviathan6/26/13 6:49 pm
                                               Easy solutionZackDark6/26/13 7:09 pm
                                               Re: I would tooUrban Reflex6/27/13 3:02 am
                 Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2AQuirel6/27/13 2:06 am
           She speaks the truth! *NM*Quirel6/26/13 1:02 am
     Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2ACody Miller6/25/13 11:40 pm
     I desperately want a H2A!bryan newman6/25/13 11:45 pm
           Re: I desperately want a H2A!Grizzlei6/25/13 11:53 pm
                 Re: I desperately want a H2A!Leviathan6/26/13 12:20 am
                       Re: I desperately want a H2A!Grizzlei6/26/13 12:22 am
           Re: I desperately want a H2A!Captain Spark6/25/13 11:58 pm
           Re: I desperately want a H2A!padraig086/26/13 10:41 am
     Oh Nostalgia, how it blinds the brainRevenant19886/26/13 9:40 am
           Amen...munky-0586/26/13 10:59 am
                 Re: Amen...Revenant19886/26/13 11:22 am
                       Re: Amen...padraig086/26/13 11:44 am
                             Re: Amen...Revenant19886/26/13 12:12 pm
                                   Re: Amen...padraig086/26/13 12:21 pm
                             Re: Amen...Louis Wu6/26/13 1:20 pm
                                   Re: Amen...padraig086/26/13 1:41 pm
                                   Re: Amen...Schooly D6/26/13 1:55 pm
                                         Re: Amen...Louis Wu6/26/13 2:25 pm
                                               Re: Amen...ZackDark6/26/13 3:11 pm
           I disagreeChris101b6/26/13 11:40 am
                 Re: I disagreepadraig086/26/13 11:49 am
           If it's not a remake....serpx6/26/13 11:58 am
           Re: Oh Nostalgia, how it blinds the brainCody Miller6/26/13 2:08 pm
           Just have to say . . .cheapLEY6/26/13 4:58 pm
     Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2Apadraig086/26/13 11:01 am
     Re: So, about H5, E3, and H2AGeneral Vagueness6/27/13 9:57 pm

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