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Re: Halsey and the Librarian
By:General Vagueness
Date: 6/24/13 1:09 am
In Response To: Re: Halsey and the Librarian (scarab)

: Even just looking at them? We already have whole genome sequences of a few
: individuals. The cost of gene sequencing keeps dropping and looks like it
: will continue to drop. There are new sequencing techniques coming
: on-line...

: It would take one hell of a war to stop people examining the human genome and
: a political ban would have to be world wide.

Probably, but I also didn't think of economic factors. There's the economy in general and where money is specifically going, like say into making better weapons or armor or Shaw-Fujikawa engines or terraforming, and then there's education-- people go to school for jobs that exist and that they can get. If people aren't hiring geneticists, and there aren't many working in the first place, not much genetic research will get done, will it?
These anomalies also could have been found previously and covered up by the Assembly.

: I don't know how to reconcile the NZ guy's estimates of a ~500yr half-life
: with the DNA results found from specimens in the field but it looks like
: we can get good data from old samples.

I'm assuming you mean the guy from the article I linked. Why would you need to reconcile it? It says it looks like there should still be DNA after 6.8 million years, and DNA intact enough to be useful after 1.5 million years.

: Anyway, I agree that it is not inevitable that L's tampering would be
: detected. I just think that it is likely and that H is the person most
: likely to have found evidence of L's sticky fingers in the human genome.

Oh I agree, I was just musing on how it might have gone undetected through five centuries of research and observation.

: OTOH H may have heard of L's work from the data she found on Reach or
: elsewhere. Maybe she didn't need to work anything out, maybe she was
: explicitly told in an old Forerunner record.

That's plausible too.

: I don't really know what the mantle is either :-)

: Does Halsey? My impression is that 343i thinks that everybody knows what the
: mantle is :-) This would include Halsey and maybe John.

I hope they clear it up sooner rather than later, unless they make it an explicit plot point.

: And how does John fit in? L and H are, in a sense, trying to be or trying to
: act as John's mother.

a lot of potential for creepiness there

: In the past he looked towards H and respected authority. We see that he is
: starting to question his former opinions. Perhaps the Reclaimer Saga, for
: John, is a coming of age story. The walking in the desert wearing robes
: immediately made me think of a character trying to find himself. Even
: before I suspected that it was Halo I thought, "character on voyage
: of self discovery".

: So if John were discovering himself and was reevaluating everything that he
: once believed... where would he stand WRT H and L's plans?

: When he was told that L wanted to tinker with his genes, when he heard her
: manifest destiny spiel... he didn't appear to be all that interested. His
: only concern was would it help him get the Didact. Maybe John isn't too
: impressed with talk of Mantles.

: Will he be a puppet of the story or will he forge his own path? In Bear's
: first 2 books the characters were less than people. They were pawns moved
: about by the author, they were just a way to move the reader from place to
: place so that the reader saw what the author wanted the reader to see.
: They were also fairly naked sources of exposition. Will the John character
: suffer the same fate?

Well, that's his nature, isn't it, to be kind of a puppet? He was used like a tool, or more like a weapon. He's the player character.
There are indications they're going down the road of examining this and free will and destiny fate and how it all works and comes together. It could get very interesting if they do it right. It could get very confusing if they don't-- or even if they mostly do.

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