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Re: Flinch & Sprint in Halo Poll
Date: 5/31/13 8:58 pm
In Response To: Re: Flinch & Sprint in Halo Poll (Deafhawk36)

: They've always ran faster than marines, and they are supposed to be running
: fast at all times. Sprint in it's implementation up to now has been sloppy
: with horrible balance. The long kill times make it so people can sprint
: away making less fun experience for the player. With the new weapon
: tuning, sprint won't be as good as it used to due to the increased kill
: times so I"m hoping that will settle that arguement. And COD is a big
: reason that it is in Halo, all the maps in Halo's past worked fine without
: sprint but when COD came along, everybody started begging for it because
: it increased the speed of the game, but unfortunately like I stated
: earlier, it was abused to make speedy get aways and unsatisfying gameplay.
: In COD you get punished for sprinting due to the fast kill times but in
: halo it's a "get out of jail free card" because it takes 3 times
: as long to kill somebody in Halo. So hopefully once the update drops I
: won't have to complain about people constantly sprinting away when they
: should have been killed in previous halo games.

The reason it takes longer to kill a sprinter is because they are suppose to be harder to kill when moving. You're shooting at a moving target, they are NOT suppose to be easy to kill. Plus, THEY ARE SPARTANS WITH SHIELDS!!

COD does not give players shields and thus they are easier to kill. But sprinters are way too easy to kill in COD. Once again, it's the Moving Target aspect that's in play.

If it were easy to kill sprinters in Halo, then it wouldn't be fun to play at all because the bloody DRM and other weapons would take you out even faster. Sprint gives players a CHANCE to get away. You seem to be forgetting that when shot, players SLOOOOOW DOOOOOWN. It's part of the flinch setting in the game. And I hate it. I'm running to get away, not to make myself a easier target. make matters worse, flinch seems to be attached to vehicle drivers as well. That's just stupid unless they are directly shot. But if the vehicle is shot, then the driver should not flinch.

As for maps in past Halo games, they did not always play well. Blood Gulch is a pain to travel without sprint. And large map is a pain without the ability to run. Halo players have been pegging for Sprint since Halo CE days. And it had nothing to do with COD or other FPS games that had it. A Spartan SHOULD be able to sprint when he wants. Simple as that.

And Marines have been faster then Spartans in past games. It frustrated me to no end when it happened. Elites being faster I can handle, but it also happened with Jackals and Grunts from time to time. Try chasing down a Grunt in old Halo games without sprint and you;ll see what I mean.

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