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Re: Flinch & Sprint in Halo Poll
Date: 5/30/13 8:33 am
In Response To: Re: Flinch & Sprint in Halo Poll (SEspider)

: Waypoint bogs down my computer too much for me to bother entering the poll or
: commenting there.

: But personally, I feel different then you all. Don't think anyone will like
: my suggestion but I'll give it all the same. Flinching and De-scoping
: should both be implemented when shot. Regardless of the weapon. De-scoping
: a player only forces them back into scope mode. It doesn't change their
: aim at all. I've never liked this. And I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE sniping. But what
: good is de-scoping a sniper or DMRer if they can still get near perfect
: shots without scoping? I hate being DMRed in Halo4 when I'm sniping
: because the weapon is too far powerful across maps. As is the Magnum. But
: getting a headshot with the sniper rifle is not easy when not zoomed. But
: the DMR/Pistol provide easy headshots either way. It's VERY unbalanced.
: Adding a flinch as well will force players to get better at aiming. And
: that's always a good thing. My aim in Halo4 sucks due to the flinch but
: that's okay because it forces me to get better. HOWEVER, I believe the
: Flinch should also happen while shooting. Also known as a Recoil. But that
: seems to be missing from range weapons outside of the UNSC sniper Rifle.

: Sprint? That should stay for good. It has always been missing in Halo until
: now. It's natural and just seems super silly that we have powerful
: Spartans that can't run faster then marines. Of course, they should also
: have night vision and heat vision in their visors as well. But that may be
: asking too much. COD isn't the reason it's in Halo. Halo Lore is the
: reason it's in Halo.

: I would like to see Evade return tough. But not in the same fashion as in
: Reach. It'd be best (in my view) if it's part of the Sprint mode. Quickly
: double tapping the sprint button will send you in a doge but also drain
: your sprint and cause it to take longer to recharge. Imagine sprinting as
: normal and then dodging once to avoid a rocket or vehicle. Or you can just
: sprint as normal. Or just evade/dodge once. You can't dodge back nor to
: the sides tough. Only forward and each dodge/evade drains your movement
: speed fully because it includes a roll. If a normal completed sprint takes
: 3 seconds to recharge, then after a dodge/evade it'll take 6-9 seconds to
: recharge. This longer recharge will prevent players from abusing it to
: reach areas of maps and also keep the gameplay fast. Maybe increase it's
: speed some. evade was a great way to get close to the enemy safely in
: Reach. But players were allowed 2 evades before recharging. This made
: those players too difficult to shoot. Limiting it to one evade combined
: with sprint will keep the speed factor but also allow fairness.

: Wow I typed a lot.

Well I was going to type out what I thought but you've stolen the words straight from my mouth. lol.

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