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Re: Shield and Sword: The Graveyard
By:General Vagueness
Date: 5/16/13 10:25 pm
In Response To: Shield and Sword: The Graveyard (Leviathan)

: Though there are no sketches from me for this round,

oh WTF, the game's not even announced yet and the last one came out only half a year ago, you should be able to get it done this time

: "2561 - Ithica II"

Why four years?

: Cut to a large city, high skyscrapers and spiraling highways, partially
: glassed and now reclaimed by green foliage on the edge of an invading
: desert.

Why would you cut to that now?

: A slipspace portal opens in the black and slowly, a Halo ringworld starts to
: come through - one side first, like a great arch rising up out of a purple
: sea. And then we see the Captain's eyes widen: not only is a Halo arriving
: from god-knows-where - but it's in fragments. Huge megalithic arcs of
: metal and continents spin out from the portal before it collapses. The
: fleet breaks off, splitting up to avoid the massive structures coming
: towards them.

Was that what they were waiting for? Did they know what they were waiting for?

: Where they fail can be seen from below. The curious Unggoy shrieks and runs
: back to the rest of the scavenger crew as a hundred shooting stars being
: to fall to the surface.

I don't suppose that would look anything like the beginning of AotCR or Gravemind...?

: The Smoker's cig falls out of his mouth as he gapes at the lights coming
: closer and closer.

intentionally funny?

: One meteor hits a sleeping ship nearby, a plume of sand
: and debris exploding upwards in reaction. The scavengers are then
: distracted by another, much larger fragment hitting the mountains in the
: distance like a bomb. The ground shakes below them as the shockwave
: reaches them.

complete with controller vibration, I hope

: "...They're saying something came with these meteors--" he
: starts to say but is cut off my an excruciating scream in the distance.
: The Big Buy looks up to the top of the nearby Frigate's hull. There's
: something up there... Something not human, nor Covenant. The camera pulls
: in close to the man's squinting eyes - blue, aging, eyes beneath
: dirty-blond eyebrows.

Is is clear what that something is at this point?

: More screams from inside the exposed ribs of the frigate, drawing the player
: inside (and if he's an idiot, the Smoker can yell at the Big Guy to find
: the rest of the crew inside). A few Unggoy are hiding in shadows,
: quivering (hilariously, of course). Deeper into the shadows of the
: metal... until the Big Guy/player hears a scream from behind - the Smoker.
: If the player wishes to go back and investigate, he will find nothing. No
: Smoker, no body (and no keys to the Spade if you're wondering.... at least yet).

So who was that guy?

: A hatch can be smacked open with the melee button.

I like

: Inside, a short cutscene: the Big Guy pulls on some of the ODST armor on the
: crate he had examined before: a helmet, shoulder pad, glove, and a set of
: boots. He also picks up a pistol and a bandolier of grenades. For the
: player, he/she now has a rudimentary HUD and a health bar. The elements of
: the game are slowly starting to come together.

I also like

: The atmosphere (still no in-game music, but plenty of strange screams and
: sounds)

You don't think that might overdoing it just a little bit? (not sarcasm, actually a little bit)

: Killing forms only means that that particular manifestation has been beaten--
: its remains will gather together farther away in an attempt to make what is
: probably the scariest of Flood forms - the hodgepodge form, made of stringing
: different species together, but they still need an infection form to act as a brain
: to activate.


: But there isn't that much time to take in the view as a small army of Flood
: are gathering behind you, pushing towards a defendable area of shipping
: crates. Once you reach that area, six ODST drop pods slam into the dirt
: nearby, spring boarding a squad Helljumpers to your aid, along with a new
: mix of the main theme of "Orbital Drop Shock Trooper" from the
: ODST track Finale.
: "What the hell are you supposed to be?" asks their Sergeant towards
: the Big Guy.

I like part 3

: But not to worry, this level isn't just about showing off new things, it's
: also showing off just how far up the numbers have gone! Two Scorpions
: rolls down the dunes to your right, and Wolverine rolls up from behind on
: your left to help you.


: and Wolverine rolls up from behind on your left to help you.

you didn't say this was going to be a crossover... he would be pretty helpful against the Flood though

: You can either see this battle to its end and enjoy a moment of reprieve or
: keep pushing.

Why only a moment?

: Under Cover of Night begins to play...

I like redux

: Some of the unrecognizable Flood forms will take cues from the Pure forms
: from Halo 3 and also one version will be strangely familiar - something
: very akin to the Promethean Knights of Halo 4. Those will even launch
: flying infection forms from their backs.

flying infection forms? what... I... no, just... what

Levi hopes you don't do this

: This is actually not in imitation of the Knights, but the reverse;
: the Prometheans were designed to mirror the Flood and fight back with
: the same strategies, hence the swarming of the robot-dogs we all love...


: "It is you, isn't it? They were right. But... what the hell are you
: doing here?"

: Over the Big Guy's shoulder we see his huge arms pick up an old, pitted Mark
: VI helmet. A slower, more solemn version of the cello strings of The Last
: Spartan begins to play.

: "Re-enlisting," says the Master Chief.

I... uh...

shut up and take my money

: Next: Mission Two - "City On the Edge of Forever"

a double crossover? well, it's your story...

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