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Re: Halo 4 Postmortem
By:Stephen L. (SoundEffect)
Date: 3/31/13 11:37 pm
In Response To: Halo 4 Postmortem (serpx)

: I frequent here quite obsessively and don't recall this being posted. If it
: has been posted, my apologizes.

: This is from GDC and Josh talks a lot on post thoughts of making/shipping
: Halo 4. I absolutely love how transparent he is with what things were done
: successfully (Laskey) and what marks were missed (Didact). Also talks
: about why designs (Chiefs armor, UNSC ships) are different than preHalo
: titles. Being honest on the reasons brought in my absolute respect and
: understanding. I'm glad they appear to maturely take in critisms and I'm
: extremely excited to see where they take Halo 5 now that they have less
: obstacles ahead of them.

Inventing new things that feel like they belong in the Halo universe does get my respect but completely reinventing older established items and changing them because they need to give their new artists room to express themselves tells me only that they hired the wrong artists. If they'd have hired Levi for example, the Dawn could still look like it did in Halo 3 and you could still have Halo-looking new things like the Infinity and the Mantle's Approach.

Respect for the artists that established this stuff would ave garnered more respect from me. The radical changing of the Dawn's look seems like the new artist is flipping the bird to the Bungie artists that came up with the look and kept that look for 2 consoles, and in Halo 2, 3, ODST and Reach. Do you think Bungie didn't know by that time what a UNSC frigate would look like at any graphical resolution? A 343 Artist said this about it in the Halo 4 artbook: "The initial ship in Halo 3 felt like an aggregation of boxes, and we wanted to make it look more like a single object."

Sparth goes on, "Even if it was different, we wanted it to be identified as the Forward Unto Dawn while still making it a different vessel." In my opinion, that is the WRONG attitude to have about art design for a game franchise you inherited.

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