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Re: Customs Night Questions
Date: 5/30/14 6:28 pm
In Response To: Customs Night Questions (General Vagueness)

I'm confident in saying that if Halo4 is removed, then it WILL be a deal breaker. Why would that even be an option??? Halo3 should be played on the 3rd Friday and Halo4 always on the 4th. Keep it consistent with their numbers to prevent confusion.

In my opinion, Halo3 and Reach maps are not "more thought out" the Halo4 maps. The biggest difference is that Halo3 doesn't have map and gameplay breaking elements like Jetpack, instant camo, and Promethipn Vision. There's also no killzones, Ordiance, nor Armor Abilities. However (like in Reach and 4), Forged maps are all look bland with one color forge objects. Outside of lights, getting lost or turned around is easy. Granted, there is a lot of creativity in H3 Forged maps but the same is said for Reach and 4.

Reach upped the quality better items, proper Phasing and fixed opbjects. It even included some item coloring. The screwed up Title Update screwed up a lot of the fun in that game. But Forge World (something many people, including us both, complained about) opened up the playspace for Customs. But with all the great things it brought, Forgers still complained because "Forge World was not enough". I thought it was great map. Plenty of places to Forge which included some great scenery areas like the cave, the collisium and the Blood Gultch are and island. But Reach really shined with the inclusion of Invasion. And fine tune forge editing.

Halo4 took away Forge World and gave us Forge Island. And of course, those same major compliners of Forge World praised it but quickly started complaining again because "it's not Forge World." That's the point. They wanted large flat areas, more islands, and more open space. They got it and still complained that thwy got what they want. They ignored the fact that we can forge inside the island. But it would have been nice if the islands were a lot closer together so we can use them properly. Halo4 not only gave us dynamic lighting, but also Trait Zones, rocks, trees, and more customization then before (minus fine tuning) with magnets, color strip changing, locking, and duplication. Don't like armor abilities? Disable them on the map with trait zones. Don't want ordinance drops? Disable them in the gametype. Same with custom loadouts

If Halo3 or Reach "feels more fun", it's because you've not been forced to play like that in a good while. So of course it's fun because it feels fresh and new again. Not saying it's not fun. Just that it's a step or more behind what Halo4 provides.

As with Reach, I'll not be playing outside of Halo4. I not only don't have those games anymore, but I'm not interested in duel welding nonsense or taking steps backwards in my Halo gaming. But that's me. If folks end up playing, then more power to that game and those sessions. But I'm, personally, not interested.

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