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Re: Escalation #5... *SP*
Date: 4/23/14 2:04 pm
In Response To: Re: Escalation #5... *SP* (TDSpiral)

: And if you're going to do the whole "getting revenge for my parent" storyline,
: why not use his daughter instead? She's actually been established; this dude
: just comes from nowhere. Also, I'm not sure if we're actually going to even see
: the Spirit of Fire at this point.

Because most women can't grow majestic facial hair, I'd imagine.

I wish they had used Jim's little girl instead of Danny Clayton too. She's already an element within the universe and would have served the role of a villain just as well as this new guy. But yeah, I have little hope that Spirit of Fire even shows up in the present day. The brief flashbacks to the Battle of Arcadia were sorta neat though. 343i probably could have devoted an entire issue or two setting up the backstory for Jim and Terrence's relationship, their actions earlier in the war, and later the life of Clayton.

Right now I don't care about this newcomer. We were introduced to him in mere seconds with a wave of backstory that I'd imagine was given to make us feel empathetic towards him. He seems like a spoiled little shit. Miranda Keyes, as dumb as she was, probably encountered her fair share of nepotism, but she owned it and actually tried to make her own way with it. This guy has probably spent much of his career living comfortably in Sydney before being shipped off as Earth's ambassador to Sanghelios. Poor you. I bet your typical grunt on the frontlines would absolutely hate all the comfort you receive.

Okay, I'm sorry. But he seems like a ****, a ****, a ******** ** **** *********, and definitely a real big **********. Ugh.

Anyhoo, I'm loving the story arc with Naiya, Petra, and Tom. They're an excellent trio and these bits could have made their own series of exciting issues. Petra is a real big shocker for me. I knew she was adventurous from the titular short story that introduced her, but not to this effect that we've seen in these past two issues. If only for her fancy six shooter that will make bluerunner fangirl over, I would totally love to see her star in Halo 5 alongside John. She has so much potential.

Naiya is another surprise. Most Spartans we've seen are very trigger happy and twitchy, always wanting to bust something over a baddie's head. With this lady, she is very patient, calm, and reserved. Great figure too. Always cool seeing her being beautiful and rightfully imagined as bigger than an unaugmented male like Tom. I'd love to see those two being together too. They're kind of sweet with each other.

Kinda bummed we didn't get to see much Spartan action in this episode. They brought back the booster frames with Sarah and Majestic at the controls. Would've been really neat to see those babies in the thick of battle once more. Maybe next month. Ugh. I hate having to face that we have to wait a fucking month for each of these.

Also, does it kinda seem like Infinity took that glassing beam like a bitch or am I overestimating the capabilities of energy shielding to withstand its heat?

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