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Re: Mortal Dictata excerpt *SP*
Date: 1/17/14 1:30 am
In Response To: Re: Mortal Dictata excerpt *SP* (Grizzlei)

: I like that suggestion!

*Heart warms*

: The Twos also faced their fair share of unwilling candidates and bad apples:
: Daisy, Ralph, and

I'm quite sure that I have no clue what you're talking about.
; )

: Soren being three such examples.

Soren is an interesting example, but really more of a wasted opportunity. Here's a Spartan who has a motive for rebelling and is influenced by an Insurrectionist.
But the moral of Soren's story is "Only a washout would possibly end up with the Innies". Just like how Ilsa Zane is obviously mentally unstable, because she joined the Insurrection.

: What I meant by candidate pool reflected the thought that such narrow demands
: for candidacy have been either discarded or have been made absolute by
: advanced practices.

: Noble managed to maintain their health long after their respective companies
: perished.

Selection bias. Noble team was separated from the main class and shuffled into a different deployment. Life expectancy would have been a criteria for such an assignment.

A better argument would be Tom and Lucy. Despite being sent on the suicide mission in the first place, they managed to live into the 2550's. But I'm not arguing that all Spartan IIIs were living on borrowed time after the augments, just that some of them were.

: I'm not sure Parangosky would have Gamma and other remaining
: threes join Spartan Branch if their augmentations would lead to severe
: complication.

We already know that she would. Remember that they received those mental augments that would make them more aggressive during combat?

: Absolutely! In my experience alone, I don't believe I would have been such an
: adept hunter or marksman had my father not taught me and my siblings at
: such a young age. However, my advantage, and those of the Fours, is that
: they weren't strictly trained just to kill.

: Augmented troops of Spartan Branch presumably come from a variety of
: backgrounds throughout the military. Many might have been in Army cavalry
: and provide Spartan Branch with a basis to form mobile scouting units.
: Others are signals intelligence experts, show amazing prowess with a
: Warthog or Pelican engine and a wrench,

While the candidates could have such skill, why would you turn them into Spartans? Why would a tank crewman receive Spartan augmentations? Or a mechanic?
No bones about it: Spartans are killing machines. They can be and are trained in a wide variety of disciplines, but they're infantry first and foremost. The augments they receive are designed to make them very capable infantry. If you're going to design a superhuman fighter pilot or tank crewman, the augments would probably have a different focus.

Honestly, this bugs me about the Spartan branch. Apparently, you've spent millions of credits augmenting people like Miller and Palmer, and then you assign them to desk positions where their augments count for jack squat.

: That's not
: even considering the experience these individuals faced in their childhood
: and adolescence. I'm sure you can go up to any infantryman or special
: operations trooper today and you'll find few who can only contribute to
: the battle with a rifle, bayonet, and grenades.

And I doubt you'd find a single Spartan II who can only contribute with a rifle, bayonet, and grenades. The Chief and Noble team, the Spartans we've seen in the video games, are trained to use a spectacularly wide range of vehicles. Maybe they're also trained on how to repair Warthogs and run a system diagnostic on a stationary missile battery, I don't know. It hasn't come up in the games or the books.

: Please pardon my lack of basic economical facts. :)


: I would figure that the manufacturing processes for the second generation of
: MJOLNIR has been refined to allow for ease of assembly, especially when
: private industry is contracted by a government more than willing to fund
: more Spartan programs.

Generation 1 MJOLNIR was perfected over twenty five years. It was also made with industrial tools the UNSC might not have at its disposal anymore, after Reach fell and Earth/Mars got the crap bombed out of them.

Unless they're taking a massive hit on performance for Generation 2, I can't see them being any cheaper.

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