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Re: I, for one, sympathize with Halsey.
Date: 1/16/14 9:50 pm
In Response To: I, for one, sympathize with Halsey. (Quirel)

: -The UNSC is the epitome of bureaucratic inertia. There's just too much time,
: money, and effort sunk into the outer colonies. If I popularize the Carver
: findings to try and stave off total war, the data will be argued against
: or ignored.

: -If I have any doubts about the above, all I have to do is buy a history book
: and look up stuff like "The War on Terror", "The War on
: Poverty", "The War on Drugs", and any other loosing war
: that Big Government has gotten itself into over the past six hundred
: years.

Empires are prone to cataclysm when those subject to its code have no say in its creation, amendment, or implementation, and certainly when it's imposed on people without stake in its intended purpose. Earth has no concern over the past, no matter how incredibly relevant it is, and they are too arrogant to admit mistakes were made, sending hundreds of thousands or millions to their deaths to save face.

: -I can probably avert the greatest amount of bloodshed by starting a program
: to let the UNSC assassinate the leaders of the Insurrection before they
: can instigate an all-out war. I just need to hold off the war long enough
: for technology and communications to let the colonies have better
: representation in the democratic process. Better yet, the colonies might
: win their independence without bloodshed. If I play my cards well, I can
: also prevent the program from being abused.

Those loyal to such insurrectionists, presumably honorable characters, will not soon forget who targeted them as their backs were turned. Their forces will be in dissaray and authority will be contested, but I argue the outcome of this pursuit is just as volatile as sending in infantry divisions and destroyer squadrons to a foreign, hostile land.

The only solution to the situation the colonies face is diplomacy and a united front against extremism. You don't need supersoldiers in powered armor to achieve that. You need individuals with the will to end two centuries of chaos to create what could perhaps be the first interstellar republic in thousands of years, if not in the whole of recorded history. These people have waited decades for proper, equal representation across all levels in the halls of government. Expecting them to wait longer to ensure that right is granted to them, then killing off those who wish to expedite that process is peeing in the wind.

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