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Re: Customs Night (Friday the 13th edition)
By:General Vagueness
Date: 12/18/13 10:24 pm

: Now to my reply to your reply my..reply..
: John touched on some of my reasons for 'leaving for a while'. My other
: reasons are personal.
: But I can ln tell you that the fact it never seems to start on time because a
: host is late (hrs at time somtimes) to his own party, sure doesn't help.

You've really got me there. Time management is not my strong suit. I can apologize and say I'll do better but that doesn't really mean anything without action-- so I'll act on it.

: "Changing it up" requires more then just changing maps, Bud.

I know that. Did I say that wasn't the case at some point?

: A lot of awesome custom maps from HBO/CC members have been brought into the
: light. And most of them have been setup for more then one gametype. But
: only get played once. Usually in Slayer.

I'll wait for actual numbers as far as most of them being set up for more than one gametype. As for playing things more than once, why didn't you ask? I've made it clear again and again that we play what the people who show up want to play.

: Unless I'm wrong (and I don't think I am) CC night was meant to be a safe place
: for members to test their creations (on multiple fronts) & get feedback.

That and just fun.

: Instead it's been; "let's just kill each other and see how that works on the map."

I'm not sure what your complaint is exactly or exactly what you're asking for, is this just another way of saying you don't like Slayer all the time?

: Even when we had large parties, many gametypes are not played.
: Dominion, Extraction, Swat, Snipers, FFA are ignored because usually one
: person doesn't like it. It's different, sometimes a challenge, and often helps find
: map weaknesses. One person saying "no" should not be the deciding factor.
: Unless they are missing the map.

I don't think an objection from one person on more than one thing, or even objections from more than one person each on different things, has/have ever been a major factor in what we play for more than maybe one week out of every few months, and we get maybe one or two people asking to not play something in an average month, I think. If anyone can refute this, please do, I'd like to have the most accurate information I can.

: Saying you're not putting me on the spot is the same as putting me on the
: spot. How do you not see that?

I just don't. I can see how I might be doing that despite saying that I'm not, but saying that I'm not actually being the thing that does it, I don't get that. Regardless, you're complaining about something while making it worse, and that... I don't even know what to say to that, really. I see you have your reasons, including personal ones, so I won't get into a rant or anything.

: Anywho, I NEVER said I didn't like Team Christmas Night. I enjoy it very much.

* looks around *
When did I say you didn't?

: Good size party and no one really takes any of the games seriously (that I can see).

I was taking it seriously, as seriously as I usually take non-silly games, anyway.

: No one goes after someone else's kills and power weapons/vehicles are shared,
: and players work together. It's all in good fun. But CC night hasn't for a while.

So you're saying there's a lack of teamwork?

: John is right about controlling the party. A lot of us don't have the space
: to keep uploading maps & gts all the time.

All it takes is one slot for a map and one for a gametype, you can swap them out. For that matter, you could upload things over top of things you want to keep in your file share and then put the older things back later, although I think that would break links to it.

: Doing so takes time a d even more time for the host to download afterward.

I'll take that time over passing around party lead to anyone.

: Gets worse when the host fails to remove old versions and can't determine them apart
: from the new ones.

I do that in case someone (including me) wants them later, and the problem with telling versions apart is because the interface in Halo 4 sometimes doesn't want to load descriptions-- but then, that's a known and continuing problem, which I should deal with. Someone told me some time ago that if you have multiple files in the same category with the same name, the top one is the newest one, and I'm pretty sure that's always worked for me.

: Large parties I understanding holding control. But not when there are only 8 or less present.
: But NEVER EVER opening the party is ridiculous to me. For the last month (wasn't there last
: Fri so I can't count that one) there has only been three of us but you STILL refused to open
: the party. We needed players. Invites only last til a game starts. Leaving it open allows anyone
: who wants to to join when they can. When parties are small, there is no reason to lock them to
: invite only.

I don't see how I could've refused to open the party when no one asked me to.
I was under the impression invites lasted until the composition of the party changed (someone joined or left). I'll try opening it during small games next Friday.

: I understand not wanting to play modded gametypes/maps. Maps more so since
: they tend to cause lag. But I don't understand not playing modded
: gametypes after th company that MADE THE GAME says are okay.

No they didn't, we've been over this. They can't officially allow anything because their bosses at MS haven't allowed it or authorized them to allow it, and they're not going to, because it's part of the terms of use or terms of service and they want to keep it that way.

: Frank and other 343i staff have been saying for almost a year now that we are
: allowed to play these modded games so long as we don't take them into
: matchmaking. Gun Game, Hide and Seek, and many others are a lot of fun to
: play. And now there Stockpile available! You do reize that the more these
: modded games are played/enjoyed, the better chances we have of getting
: them added to Halo4 & 5; right?

Maybe; who can say if they pay attention to that or if they care? It seems like they do care since they keep adding gametypes, but then, they keep adding gametypes, which leaves less reason to use modded ones.

: I also don't like the "no private chat" policy of yours. You may
: (or not) remember a time I left CCnight after you booted my friend Miya
: for being in a PC. She had her reasons as would anyone else. But booting
: her for not leaving it was BS and you know it. She was really looking
: foward to playings with us after I informed her how much fun it was.
: Instead, she and I went into MM with her friends and later had our own CC
: night. I dont see you booting members that don't have a mic. Why is that?
: Don't give me the whole "causes lag" line cause one or two
: people in a PC is not going to cause lag.

I think Hyokin addressed this well (also this must have been a long time ago, at least months).

: But as I said before, I'm leaving CCnight for a while for personal/other
: reasons.
: You are still free to play any of my maps or gametypes.

I would have anyway, but thank you for the permission.

: I did update my Eagle Eyes map to make it playable this time. But w/o a mid
: to large party, it's not much fun.

I'll try to remember to download it. What's mid to large?

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