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Re: Differences on the PC version
By:Captain Spark
Date: 11/30/13 9:58 am
In Response To: Differences on the PC version (Rockslider)

: Ok. Guess I need to update my article then, to give extra advice to PC folk.
: Do you always get all four Grunts, or is that randomized too? Also, do you
: get an armless Flood chasing a Grunt when you go through the first door?

I usually get four Grunts but there are times when it is just three. I always get the armless Flood chasing the Grunt with the PC version.

: That's what I called the Keyes hangar battle , in a long article about
: getting the most out of it. I count it as a highlight of the level,
: fun-wise.

I love that battle on the X box.

: Sheesh, what spoilsports! Well, maybe there was a good reason, but I don't
: know. Were they perhaps worried about some PCs not being able to cope with
: enemy numbers well enough? I don't think that could've been a concern for
: the Grunts versus Flood thing though, as we're only talking 4 Grunts, 2
: combat Flood, 1 carrier and a few spores.

I vaguely remember Gearbox explaining that some encounters were altered to avoid performance problems with the PC version.

: Are you aware of any difference in regard to the Flood onslaught at the start
: of the level, when you're meant to jump down? If the enemy waves have been
: reduced, that would nerf my Flood onslaught challenge .

I would check this out for you but, I lost two hard drives several months ago in my computer that was running in RAID 1 and now I can't get Halo PC to install on and older hard drive in Windows XP. This older hard drive is slow and it isn't ideal for recording game play. I need to build myself a new, modern computer. I built this computer about 5 years ago and it's old and slow.......kind of like me :)

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