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Differences on the PC version
Date: 11/30/13 4:47 am
In Response To: Re: Grunts versus Flood *VID* (Captain Spark)

: There are very distinct differences in some battles between the Xbox and the
: PC versions and they seem to be on the Keyes map specifically. On the PC
: version, the shotgun marine flood isn't there each time, sometimes neither
: is the plasma rifle enemy. Sometimes both show up and sometimes just the
: carrier form and a few infection forms are there.

Ok. Guess I need to update my article then, to give extra advice to PC folk. Do you always get all four Grunts, or is that randomized too? Also, do you get an armless Flood chasing a Grunt when you go through the first door?

: There is a huge battle in the landing bay on the Keyes map where there are
: about 4 or 5 Elites hanging around a Shade turret and the flood are
: dropping down to attack them.

That's what I called the Keyes hangar battle, in a long article about getting the most out of it. I count it as a highlight of the level, fun-wise.

: When Gearbox ported Halo to the PC they
: reduced the amount of waves of Flood and Covenant in this area because
: this battle is much smaller with less enemies then it is on the X Box.

Sheesh, what spoilsports! Well, maybe there was a good reason, but I don't know. Were they perhaps worried about some PCs not being able to cope with enemy numbers well enough? I don't think that could've been a concern for the Grunts versus Flood thing though, as we're only talking 4 Grunts, 2 combat Flood, 1 carrier and a few spores.

Are you aware of any difference in regard to the Flood onslaught at the start of the level, when you're meant to jump down? If the enemy waves have been reduced, that would nerf my Flood onslaught challenge.

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