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Found it!
Posted By: Bachus <>Date: 9/13/00 2:40 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Oni Cover Art (Dan Rudolph)

> Sorry, the characters are two pixels high. There's no way anyone is going
> to enhance that enough to be legible.

"An intense action anime thriller comes to life in Oni where sprawling cities and technological evil dominate the landscape. Konoko, an elite government agent, is fighting the Syndicate, a brutal and shadowy organization bent on oppression. Her intimidating exterior and capability for immediate ciolence hides a soul haunted by dark secrets."

*The arsenal of weapons includes pistols, rocket launchers, energy and projectile weapons.

*Seamless blend of hand to hand and weapons based combat.

*Easy to learn, hard to master fighting system contains secret moves and disarming techniques.

*17 massive levels to explore.


Two disks!? On the PS2? That's odd.

Is it just me, or does that first little box say "2 Players"? Or does it say more? See below.

From what I can tell, the other boxes say: "Memory Card something - some number MB", "Digital Control", "Analog Control", "Vibration Function" (damn, another reason to get the PS2 version over Mac), "Touch Sensitive" (huh?), "Multitap something - some number Players".

The multitap leads me to believe that it'll actually be over 2 players. Most interesting. Amazon also has the front cover. It's the old ripped-clothes image sans-ripped-clothes. The Bungie logo doesn't appear anywhere on the box. Release date is given as Dec. 4. Oddly enough, Amazon says the rating is pending, even though the cover says Teen.


Bachus -

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