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Oh Oni, Where Art Thou?
Posted By: Matt <>Date: 9/11/00 6:31 p.m.

In Response To: What the...?!? (Foo)

Things to consider, in no particular order, including some responses to stuff elsewhere in this thread:

- I have no idea what Rockstar was showing at ECTS but if they chose to showcase the version of Oni they themselves are working on then they showed the PS2 version and yes, it's a bit behind the PC/Mac versions. This is because the Rockstar guys have to convert Oni's levels into a format that the PS2 can handle given its relatively limited RAM. This is no simple task and may explain the Rockstar rep's estimation of the game's completeness and ship date.

- Microsoft isn't beta-testing Oni. Ryan Hylland, QA lead at Bungie Software, stayed on at Bungie West to finish the work he'd started on Oni. Once Oni is done he'll move up here and assume a position (but hopefully not assume THE position, fnarr fnarr) in Microsoft's QA testing department. But no version of Oni is going through Microsoft's testing department; Rockstar is handling the PS2 testing and Ryan and his testers are presently beating up the PC/Mac versions.

- Yes, the game is in beta. Any "journalist" who tells you otherwise hasn't bothered to do any fact-checking. We use the same definition of beta as anyone else. The game is feature-complete but not bug-free.

-Max isn't on the Oni team, but that doesn't mean he's ignorant of Oni's current state or that Oni hasn't gone beta. He's not and it has. :-)

- Consider the differences between the noble art and discipline of Journalism and the mongering of rumor and idle speculation. Examples of the latter are myriad; an all-too-rare example of the former is Trevor Covert of, who picked up the phone and asked questions before writing his story. Thanks, Trevor.

- The stuff about Bungie not caring about games that Microsoft isn't going to sell is just bogus. Anyone who's visited the Bungie West offices in recent months could testify just how hard those guys are working. And again, we're not doing the PS2 version; Rockstar is. There's that nasty fact-checking thing again.

- The March 2001 date is not one I'd heard internally. If we needed to work on it that long in order to make it a decent game, we'd do it. But the Oni team is working a punishing schedule for a reason and that is to get the game out fast. Chances are good that we won't need six months of beta-testing. If the October date slips, I doubt it would be by that much.


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