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Re: Killing Slayer in Halo MP
Date: 11/4/13 10:41 am
In Response To: Killing Slayer in Halo MP (nillapuddin)

Objective gametypes have always been my favorite, and in a LAN setting CTF > Slayer.

At some point or another there is always this "push" for more objective focused games in the hoppers and from what I recall it almost always starts to wane as soon as the hoppers are reorganized.

The Team Objective playlist has always been low for every Halo game I've played. Remember in Halo 3 when BTB almost died? I do. It's also amusing to me that in Halo 4 BTB is the most popular playlist, but when I stop to think about it, it stops being funny.

BTB is the best playlist to go in alone and dominate because....

Halo 4 doesn't encourage team work. Therefore it does not encourage objective based games. (They axed Dominion for crying out loud, and I thought it was a great addition to Halo)

Halo 4 encourages lone wolf mentality. I applaud 343 for the concept of ordinance, personal loadouts and abilities but all too often all I see when I play is a bunch of dudes running out to do their own thing. When they get their drops, the next thing I know its turned into a game of team snipers and if I wanted to play that, I'd go play team snipers :P

Flag-num? Fagetaboutit.

Invasion was one of my favorite gametypes. I also really liked Head Hunter. But to win Invasion, your whole team needs to be mostly on the same page, always working together to push on to the objective. KoTH and Oddball are mostly unchanged, but I don't get to play them much. Infinity Slayer and Slayer pro reign supreme.

I'm OK with individual choice on weapon and Armor ability loadouts. I hated in Reach that it was always DMR DMR DMR. In Halo 4 if I want to play Carbine I can. If it's not going my way I can try another loadout, same with Armor abilities. There are the people who belly ache that real Halo should be everyone starting with the same everything but I never found that fun. I liked the variety that Reach had.

However, I'd like to see the support upgrade and tactical packages get das boot. I don't really enjoy having to decide if I want normal reload/swapping over faster shields. That crap should be the same across the board.

I understand what the hope was with that stuff above, but I don't think it worked out. Ideally, on paper, it sounds great that yeah, I'm gonna go into BTB with my friends and one guy is rocking the operator perk for vehicles and another two have wetwork so they can sit back and snipe etc but I have YET to play with anyone doing it like that.

IDK. Maybe it's just me. Maybe its a greater symptom of FPS gaming overall.

As Principal Skinner once wisely mused:

"Am I so out of touch? No. It is the children who are wrong."

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