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Re: Killing Slayer in Halo MP
Date: 11/4/13 10:03 am
In Response To: Killing Slayer in Halo MP (nillapuddin)

Agree. The major thing Halo has going for it that the military shooters don't is fiction. I thought 343 had figured this out when they were talking about contextualizing multiplayer, but War Games ended up being the the same sort of context-free game with a new name. There were noises about it being some sort of combat simulator, but there was nothing to suggest that in the UI. Even if no changes are made to gameplay, if they were serious about contextualizing multiplayer it would be nice to see your character jacking into the holodeck or whatever at the start of a match.

But Bungie hit on something cool with Invasion and Versus Firefight...I'm still holding out on seeing that expanded to the scale of a SOps or Left4Dead mission mixing player and AI controlled characters on two teams...

: (This is all just kinda spilling off my fingers so pardon the possible lose
: nature of this post)

: My buddies and I have been discussing this a lot lately, and I wanna see
: yalls take.

: To me, I find no pleasure or desire in playing Team Deathmatch anymore. Its
: always been my opinion that Halo works far better as a team based
: Objective game than an individual killing game, and now I am wondering if
: they are going to "do something" about it.

: Im not sure how they could do it, but Halo has attempted flares of innovation
: lately, Invasion, Gen Defense, Firefight, Spartan Ops, Dominion..

: Titanfall seems to really be pushing an interesting take on standard PvP FPS.

: For me, I feel like they need to come up with something completely original,
: designing the MP around objectives in a way that only Halo could.

: If you want twitch shooting PvP, play COD
: If you want vast open field vehicle combat, play Battlefield

: IMO, Halo MP needs to make a bold statement to find that mid-ground that we
: all know it can excel at, and what it might take is a new look on the way
: MP is handled from the ground up.

: I know they cannot outright remove Team Slayer playlist, I understand there
: are certain communities/players that need that, but Im looking for
: something far larger than pulling headshots and tallying marks.

: Does anyone have an idea for a MP mode that could be the Killer app within a
: Killer app?

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