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Re: Of Carla Gugino and Blood Gulch Jackals
Date: 10/12/13 4:21 am
In Response To: Re: Of Carla Gugino and Blood Gulch Jackals (General Vagueness)

The TV show just got itself a lawyer? Aw phooey, what a party-pooper. Still, I'll selectively bite.

: including putting AI in any map you want.

Ok, that's news to me. However, she gives her Jackal advice as if they're a fixed and standard feature. To account for that, the game would surely need to be a custom-edited version which has become so standard in the building that all the Halo players there take the Jackals for granted - even when you've only just realized that your colleague is a player too, such as here. Somewhat implausible.

From her tip and his reference to "the bad guys" winning, it seems clear that the TV folk were trying to suggest that he's fighting just AI. Can you actually do that? Or would the added AI merely be extra hazards?

: I doubt they thought that through to that level of detail, but then they did
: use the name of the game and the name of an actual type of enemy

They just used totally the wrong type of footage, presumably on the assumption that most viewers wouldn't know the difference. Actually though, you'd think that for a show like this, the percentage who've played Halo would be significantly higher than for a more general show, so they should've been rather more careful.

: The time between the two shots is more than enough for him to get out and go
: a little way. I'm not sure if it's realistic for him to be in a base so
: soon though.

I believe there was a base coming up (I had to look around on YouTube to get some sense of the map), but it was too far away for the timing depicted. Felt like a strong discontinuity - like a skip of several seconds.

: That was probably to end the scene something that looks good-- and sounds good

"Looks good" maybe to someone who hasn't a clue about videogames. I mean, randomly shooting at what looks like an empty hog? And when the only enemies mentioned so far were Jackals? Nah, the whole thing was just laziness I think. They couldn't be fussed to get some actual campaign footage which made sense. Maybe nobody on the TV team had even played Halo, so they didn't have enough confidence to get that sorted.

: the magazine cycle sound of the rocket launcher sticks out a little
: bit through the next cut, and I like the way it's done.

Huh? It doesn't continues into the next cut at all; it simply cuts off abruptly. Also it was a bit frustrating that you never even saw the rocket hit.

: I'm almost certain they mean he beat every level-- which still has problems

I think the reason they used "broke through every level" was because they were trying to portray the outdated stereotypical notion of a videogame, in which you try to rise up through increasingly difficult levels. But even if they actually meant beating every campaign level (and merely used "broke through" because it sounds more dramatic), it's not what you'd say of course.

: No mouse? on a PC? running a first-person shooter? in this century?

It looks like he's got a trackpad at bottom right (check the first few seconds of the scene), but he seems to be pressing it more than sliding over it. I don't know how viable a trackpad would be instead of a mouse, but I'm guessing it would be a distant second best.

: Brent Spiner is a good actor, even if Data was the role he's best remembered
: for and arguably his best, he deserves recognition.

Dude, I recognized him as Data - what more does he want?

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