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Re: Well, honestly, grenades are underpowered.
Date: 10/2/13 4:19 am

: More than two grenades is a UI crime. And the original two grenades types
: worked so well together.

Well, if the D-pad weren't so clunky, selecting grenades wouldn't be so bad. Hell, placing 'switch grenade' on the B-button and eliminating crouch altogether would have done wonders for usability.

: Frags used to blow a group of unshielded enemies to the four corners.
: Stickies: well we know what they do.

Stickies used to be able to kill more than one enemy at a time, and the longer fuse once gave Grunts time to run back to their comrades before going off.

Also, we're still saddled with the ridiculously low number of grenades from Halo 3. And lobbing grenades isn't as simple as it was in the original Halo, because ground geometry is inevitably full of steps and bumps that send grenades every which way but where you want them to go.

: Halo 3 gave certain Brutes selectively non stick shields to justify having
: the extra Brute varieties but it was too obvious what Bungie was up to.

I wasn't aware that spike grenades clung to Brute Chieftains...
I liked spike grenades, but if push came to shove, I think I could forgo plasma grenades in favor of simplicity.

Fire grenades... now those were a barrel of laughs. I loved them!

: Some have argued that it adds strategy but the strategies weren't worth
: having: Don't use stickies if an enemy is close. Use Brute grenades
: against Chieftains

One of the things I liked about spike grenades is that they threw fragments around, and those are what caused damage. A little unpredictable? Yeah. Wouldn't mind seeing something like it again, though.

: 343 please separate campaign gameplay from MP. Give us more grenades and make
: them work like they did in the original game. Even bring back grenade pile
: detonations.

And get rid of the slowdown effect caused by getting shot while sprinting!

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