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Re: Rumor - Halo 5 at E3'13?!?!
Date: 6/5/13 1:32 pm
In Response To: Re: Rumor - Halo 5 at E3'13?!?! (gamerguy2002)

: I wouldn't mind that to be honest. thats ok to me.

: But after Halo 4 was (almost) kept secret until the very end of E3'11 and
: really didn't give Reach any legroom to have a good run before its bigger,
: newer brother tripped his face into the dirt plus Phil saying the way
: halo used to release its games isn't fast enough .

: Just makes me worried that they are going to run this franchise into the
: ground for the sake of competiting with another FPS and a flawed console
: launching.

It's not that Halo games aren't released fast enough; its the feeling that Halo has to keep up with the Jones' so so speak.

Maybe I'm part of the minority, but I actually liked the long periods in between sequels for a franchise. It gives me more time to explore and really 'know' the current game.

If sequels are released to fast it sours the experience of the previous title.

Maybe finish your first candy bar before you open another one, ya know?



Planned and season pass DLC to me means that the life cycle of a game has already been determined by the corporation.

When you tell me that you have 3 packages of DLC and they will be released over a period of 3 months it signals to me that on that 4th month you are done with adding to the game and you'll leave a team behind to maintain that game, its MM, its MP while the rest of the crew moves on to the sequel.

Gears, CoD, and Halo all do it now.

I don't like this formula and time line.

1.) Release AAA title.
2.) Release first DLC at 3 months
3.) Release subsequent DLC one month after previous DLC
4.) Repeat step 3 one or two more times
5.) maintain current game enough to keep it running. (ie, keep the lights on, etc)
6.) announce new game and sequel in less than 2 years.

7.) Repeat 1-6 process for next game.

Maybe this is what the bulk of consumers want. It's not what I want.

I hate that feeling when you KNOW a game has gone to 'auto-pilot' and nothing else will be done to it. It seems like it creeps up sooner and sooner these days.

Excuse my crazy ramblings.

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                 Re: Agreed. *IMG*Grizzlei6/5/13 1:58 pm
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                 Re: Even if it is real....Metalingus6276/7/13 7:02 pm
     I hope not.Captain Spark6/5/13 4:47 pm

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