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Here's my 2 cents (very long)
Date: 6/2/13 10:40 pm
In Response To: Can't log it... (SEspider)

Take note that this is VERY long and my grammar sucks. So it may or may not be hard to read. Parts will read as a rant but is mostly long winded testimonies to my worst work experience (not all experience have been listed). Feel free to skip it all and read the last section to see where I am in my life at the moment. I know some of you have been wondering about that. Thank you again for your concerns.

The following is my response to RC Peters's Kotaku article.

What a bunch of rubbish! I'll start with my work experiences over the years:

My first job was as a janitor for my collage. The job sucked because it was hard labor and a few co-workers had a unknown problem with me. They would never tell me what that problem was. When I left college, I left the job. The environment was awesome outside those couple co-workers. After that I was a package handler for FedEx. A MUCH rougher job then my last. Not being use to the consistent lifting and movement of heavy packages, I hurt my back. Nothing major, just enough to greatly slow down my work. They fired me and I don't blame them. I clearly couldn't handle it and I wanted to leave. Nothing against the company. From that point on, I did nothing but Temp/Contract jobs. I've had my hand in pretty much everything. The worked almost always sucked because I knew a good chunk of my earnings was going to the temp companies. I've worked in kitchens, lawn maintenance, construction, web development, graphic design, janitorial, television, teaching, sales, car repair, plumbing, and a LOT more. The pay was ALWAYS low. I'm talking $7.25-$8.00 low. But I stuck at it. I FINALLY got a non-temp after TEN YEARS of temp jobs that got me nowhere. My first "real" job after all that was lawn maintenance. LAWN MAINTENANCE!! Something that works you hard for low pay to start. Something I did not really want to do. But it was a guaranteed job that would put food on my table for a good while. And because I had done it before, it turned out not to be so bad. Sure, I had co-workers slack or stop working when the boss left, thus leaving me to pick up the slack. But who cares? It's a paycheck! Due to a large increase in lawn maintenance companies in the area, our company had to let a few of us go. I volunteered to leave. Not because I wanted to but because I was one of the few workers without a family to support. I was making almost $15 by this point. Was I foolish to leave? I don't believe so. Others needed the money more then I at the time and I wanted do something else.

My next job was a graphic designer for a very small TV station. There was just one catch, it was to be a internship. Meaning no pay. No money means no way of getting to work and paying the bills. Should I take it? I saw it as a opportunity to learn and improve my resume so I accepted. I worked other jobs while doing this but I'll get to them in a bit. This intern job turned out not to be what I signed up for. I was suppose to help produce and record shows as well as create graphics and effects for the station. Instead, my boss had me working on non-station projects about 95% of the time. I did this for five years. FIVE YEARS!! I would speak up from time to time only to be yelled at or convinced it was for the station. It never was. I got tire of being used and wrote up a work in progress agreement/contract based on agreements that my boss and I had already agreed to verbally over the 5 years. I explained to him that it was a W.I.P and would like his feedback to make it final. What does he so? He throws a fit because I had placed my name first in the "This agreement is between (me) and (him)..." section. What? I knew he had a big ego, but this was just ridiculous. I quickly sad that it was okay and his name could go first for it doesn't matter to me. He then claimed the damage was done and said I "never should have wrote up a contract without him..." What?! I reminded him that I had been asking for a written contract for nearly three years (every two weeks or so) and that everything I placed in the ONE PAGE test contract were just what we had already agreed to. He confirmed this but refused to sign it and/or help me revise it. Needless to say, this upset me. So I told him flat out then and there that I was no longer working for free. From that point on, I was to be paid half of at the start of the job and half when it was completed. Very reasonable considering I dedicated 5 years to the station without pay. He agreed (after a heated argument). A month later he started a small argument. I won it and the next day (on my birthday no less) I was kicked out. I later learned that all the non-station work he had me create was in fact his own clients. He had been using the station to draw in clients and billed them outside of the station. In the 5 years, it is estimated that I should have earned at least $20k a year. I can't take him to court because there was no contract between us and no evidence. Seeing as how he locked me out and kept ALL of files and work. His so called company is named EX3 Design/Graphics/Sudios. He also uses Day Of Victory Television. The owner of the TV station was completely in the dark to his doings (this I have no doubt). He has fired him and the new producer as recently asked me to return once every other week to help in production. A contract and payment as already been agreed upon. I may have been treated wrongly those 5 years and not paid, but I still went into work for 10-12 hour days. Did I complain? Of course, but I stuck at it because I saw opportunity to learn and grow my skills. Those skills are going to stay with me til I die.

While at the TV station I had a job at Walgreens as the front/main clerk. simple job. Often boring to no end. But it paid and was easy. I loved my co-workers as well. We set-up and opened two stores together in less then a year. Our lead manager was awesome as were the other managers. I got along great with customers and had no problems. Then out lead manager was promoted and things went down hill fast. The new manager quickly showed his character. He found a way to fire almost all of the black employees and those he didn't, he found a way to mack them quit. None of us liked it and often complained to corporate. They would send someone to inspect him but that didn't work. They always sent the regional manager who turned out to be a good family friend of our new manager's. He always announced his arrival days in advance. So nothing could be done. Get this. I'm asked to clean the bathrooms before the store closed by a lower manager one night. Nothing new and it was my turn. He tasked the make-up clerk to shut down her register and take my place. She had been with us for 3 months and knew the drill well. While I was cleaning, she STAYED at her register and talked on the phone to a friend. During this time and thief slowly walks behind my register with 3 baskets and takes about $200 worth of cigarette cartons and fills the baskets and some bags. Half the time he was standing in clear view of the semi new clerk. But she was turned away talking to her friends instead of doing her job. The thief then casually walks back around the counter and walks out. It wasn't until the next morning when we learned what happened. At first I'm blamed for leaving my post, but the manager on duty that night backed me up. What happened to the semi-new clerk to whom was to blame? She gets promoted to the photo department with a $2 raise!!! The VERY SAME position I wanted and asked for a few weeks earlier!! She's not fired! Instead, the manager on duty was fired! He didn't do anything wrong! Oh that's right, he's a LEGAL Mexican and must go. IT'S BULL CRAP!! I quickly quit after that only a 3 day notice. I love Walgreens. It's a great company to work for/with. But like ALL companies, there are rotten eggs in the basket and a LOT of Red Tape to deal with. By the way, the clerk couldn't handle the pressure of the Photo department and quit a few months later.

I've been looking for work for the last 3+ years with no luck. The evil Walgreens manager in my story has given false reports to make sure of it as has the ex-producer of the TV station. I've had to live for years without electricity in the heat and bitter cold. I've had my home foreclosed on me and have had to live in a old truck cab. I've had a terribly rough life and a LOT to terrible jobs. RC Peters, I have NO PITY for you. You had a great job and complains because you weren't given a raise after a few months? You're an idiot. You stop going to work simply because you didn't care about it? You're an idiot and NEVER should have applied for it. You complain about working for free a few weekends? Try doing it for 5 years!! You complain about long hours? Try doing it for 5 years WITHOUT PAY!!

Back in Sept. 2012 I was hired by Aerus to be a representative for them. My job is simple, get permission to do free air quality tests in home owner homes and explain the importance of clean air. IF they want to to do something about their dirty air (if they badly need it), then offer to sell them Aerus products that could take care of it for them. Pressuring is not allowed. Selling is not needed. Heck we are encouraged to give the stuff to them if they give qualified referrals. It's a awesome job. The only downside is that earning is based on sales. That's commission based work only, people. I'm not good at selling so in the last 8 months I've earned a whopping $700. Half of which has gone toward TRYING to get my truck fixed. But I kept at it. I tried my best and showed I care about the clients as well as the business. And Aerus has taken VERY good care of me. I'm no longer living in my truck, I have a LOT of great friends that support me, and I have been promoted to Service Manager! In a few weeks I'll be helping in the re-opening of a new branch for the business and will be the service manager for two stores!! Why? Simply because I stayed positive and worked hard. Aerus isn't for everyone but it is the first business I've encountered to truly look out for their employees. If you make money, then they make money. They would be fools not to look out for us. Oh, and as service manager, I'll be making a guaranteed $380+ a week (after taxes) and 10% on any sales I make. So if I just sale ONE unit a week, then I'll be making $500+ a week. Sale reps make more but it's straight commission.

Long story short (too late). RC Peters, you are a flat out fool. I know people like you. Some to which I call friends. You believe that with your skills, and experiences you are better then everyone else. Especially if they are younger then you. But you're not. In REAL LIFE, it's character and dedication that counts. I never finished college and yet I'll hopefully be making at least $30-50k in the following year. I have the potential of owning my own branch in 3-5 years where I'll be making $100k-$500k a year. Is it going to happen over night? Of course not. Have I had to work hard to get to where I am now? Yes. Will I have to work hard to get my own branch? Yes. Am I willing to do it? You bet you mangy ego dripping socks I am. I NEVER want to be living on the streets again.

I almost forgot to mention. My boss? He's two years younger then me and owns two branches after working for the company for 3 years. What have you achieved in the last three years? Did I mention he was also homeless when he stated? Get off your lazy tail and put your over-blotted ego in the closet, lock the door and toss away the key. Otherwise you will never reach your goals.


Warned you it was long. lol

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