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"Reupload at your own risk", there, happy
Date: 6/1/13 9:18 am

: Has 343i authorized this kind of content in fileshares yet? What I keep
: reading from them is that modded content is not allowed.

: I thought I read of one account where an account and Xbox were permanently
: banned.

: Whenever the subject of modded gametypes comes up in 2old2play, I warn people
: not to put them in their fileshare. I don't see you warning people.

: Am I missing something here? If I'm not way off base, would you at least
: always include a warning about modded content in fileshares.

: I don't like being a stick in the mud but kids read this stuff. Is it not
: possible they might loose the use of the only 360 and account their family
: can afford?

: Correct me if I'm wrong.

Why does it really matter when the game type is already in someone else's file share? Where do you 'keep reading from them' this notion and in what context? Modding a screenshot to instead be a picture of a naked person with a Spartan helmet slapped over their face is a far cry from modifying a game type to the extent in which its meant to be used (ie, for playing MP!).

That 'one account' could have banned for something else besides hosting a modified game type in their file share.

Correct -me- if I'm wrong, but when Bungie started dealing with the modded screenshots that contained pictures of non-game matter, they commented about it. 343i has not done the same (either approving or shunning), at least not on any official medium like Waypoint.

I mean Jesus, it's a game type that SUPPORTS the playing of their game in a non-malicious way. I've been doing other such mods for years in previous games and have yet to get a finger shaked at me or a C&D. If 343i really needs a scapegoat for someone trying to use modified game types to try and get more people to play and enjoy their game what....7 months after release? They can use me. I'm pretty sure they're able to track fileshare content just fine in that manner.

Even if they ever did someone worse than a fileshare ban to me (pretty sure console bans have to come from a specific section of MS), it wouldn't fret me too much because I'm not even sure I want to renew my XBL service or get a XBone this year. But I digress.

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           "Reupload at your own risk", there, happykornman006/1/13 9:18 am
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                                               Re: "Reupload at your own risk", there, happyDEEP NNN6/5/13 11:24 pm
                                                     Fileshares != XBLkornman006/6/13 8:13 am
                                                           Re: Fileshares != XBLJoe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)6/6/13 9:00 am
                                                                 Not a bdaykornman006/6/13 11:51 am

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