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Re: Halo 5 story ideas and questions
Date: 5/24/13 8:45 pm
In Response To: Re: Halo 5 story ideas and questions (scarab)

: We had that mime fight but I don't want to get into that. I have ideas how
: that could be extended in Halo 5 to take advantage of the new Kinect
: sensor's capabilities but I'd rather concentrate on the potential for good
: stuff rather than concentrating on my nightmares.

: It's too easy to do sarcasm, I've been writing and deleting more stuff than
: what shows up in this final version of my post. My Kinect powered mime off
: was a classic!

: My point is: that opening scene gave a taste for what Halo 4 could have been.
: The haloverse has the potential for a lot of character lead story. They
: could go the Mass Effect route but I suggest that we play as multiple
: characters, each with their own strengths and play styles. Some characters
: are fighters but some levels could escape from mere gun play to give us
: other ways to achieve our goals. For example: Halsey has to think and talk
: her way out of trouble - manipulate others rather than shoot them.

Oh I totally agree with you. The opening cutscene to H4 was by far one of the best opening to a games that I've seen in any game. And then they completely blew it. One of the best openings happens to be just about my biggest problem with the entire campaign story considering how they dropped it and made it pointless.

I don't see them allowing play beyond Master Chief, though. I suppose they might go the Arbiter route from H2, but I get the feeling they wouldn't. Or they'd put us in some moron like Palmer, because they can't seem to get the point that their characters suck. :P

: But I'm getting a strong impression that nobody else cares. Either they don't
: like the direction that I'm going. Maybe they want traditional Halo. Maybe
: they have so much apathy that they have lost all interest in Halo story.
: Maybe they think that character stuff should be relegated to the novels
: and films. I dunno because nobody is saying what they think. :-(

On my own personal level, it's not that I don't care about where you're going with this, it's that I have no faith in 343 to take Halo in a good direction. It doesn't even need to be traditional Halo. They've screwed up traditional and non-traditional Halo in H4. They touched Reach multiplayer gameplay and even that sucked. You have great ideas, but right now I don't know how well they'd work or fit. I still need to see where 343 takes Spartan Ops to get a better idea of what to suggest for H5, since we still aren't quite sure where they're heading.

: OK, apart from you and David :-)

: 343i has already made some innovations in story telling. SpOps had more story
: in it than the campaign. I just think that they would get more millage
: from dropping galactic threats and concentrating on character driven
: strife and concentrating on the tensions and mutual benefits of
: interactions between the races in the Halo verse. Give the players agency
: in shaping that universe.

Spartan Ops stomped campaign as far as story development goes, even if a lot of it was terribly written. I also agree with you fully. Bungie had a way in H1 and H2 of crafting events and situations that you actually cared about and that actually mattered under the peril of constant galactic doom. H3, eh, it had its emotional moments (not referring to anything between Chief and Cortana, just with the other characters in the game), but not much. H4 doesn't have much worth caring about (give or take Chief and Cortana, and I'm only referring to campaign at the moment).

: Would you like that? Forget negativity for a second. If it could be pulled
: off, would you like it?

All my negativity comes from the fact that I don't like what they've done. If they can somehow get some better writing in there and also not have the gameplay suck, you're damn certain I'd like it. They need to keep the galactic threat because, well, that's not going anywhere. There's no way they could drop it, and after what Spartan Ops has done so far, it'd be a cop out if they dropped it. They need to work in the characterization and less forced emotional events to make this all succeed. It then has to be bolstered by great gameplay, not the linear repetitive trash that we saw in H4 (that reminded me about a lot of really bad things from H3).

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