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More like Unggoy in steampunk powered armour
Date: 5/28/16 6:26 am
In Response To: Unggoy with Cudgels? (scarab)

They're using technology gleaned from centuries of oppression and hidden away - it's not going to be perfect, but it's going to be impressive, and I can only hope it's distinctively THEM. Eccentric, frenetic, and adorable at the same time.

I'm very interested in how the other species out there deal with the Created's offer. I imagine the Jackals aren't going to be happy at suddenly finding a Guardian turn up on their doorsteps to stop piracy, but then, how many of them are going to just decide it's "good business" to throw their lot in with their new AI overlords? I can't imagine the Brutes liking being under the thumb of new masters, but their situation seems pretty desperate - according to the books and comics, they're tearing themselves apart over resources, and they're raiding human and Elite colonies because they don't have much left for themselves. And the Hunters have always been enigmatic in their motivations - what could the Created offer them that they don't already have?

The Sangheili have just thrown the Covenant's last vestiges off their planet, so I imagine they're going to be furious at the prospect of a bunch of AI turning up and demanding them lay down arms. Especially whatever's left of the Covenant - the idea of "associated intelligences" was a heresy to the old Covenant, even if they put up with it out of necessity sometimes, and I don't think they'd be above allying with the detested Arbiter if it means avoiding subjugation by the Created.

And of course, the reaction of humanity will be interesting. There will be plenty of people who assume it will just be a continuation of how life already was - heavily dependent on AIs for infrastructure management. But then, the Insurrection has been fighting being controlled by distant overlords for more than half a century, and I can't see them saying the Created are any better than Earth. And the UNSC has just been decimated by the most devastating weapon they've ever faced, without firing a shot or losing a man - I could definitely see the Infinity being the core of a government in exile, airlifting what they can from the colonies they can reach before Cortana's forces reach them, having to form alliances. Heck, maybe they could offer some Insurrectionist groups amnesty and independence if they ally against the bigger threat? Finally achieve a deal both sides can accept.

I would love so see some stories set among this shifting status quo, but rather than Quantum Leap, my mind leaps to Mass Effect - we could have an open-world RPG set during this time of change, and see the various factions dealing with it in real time. Maybe we could be on an ONI Prowler that evades notice, links up with Infinity, and gets started setting up meetings and making deals separately from the Chief/Locke story of Halo 6 - forming a multi-species team to get the missions done. That would be something to see - fighting alongside a hammer-wielding Brute chieftain, hiring Jackal mercs for recon and assassination, setting up a deal with some remaining Prophets for access to a Forerunner relic that could offer a clue to how to beat them, and between missions seeing how your pet Engineer is going with repairs and upgrades.

That's the kind of game I think this new phase of the Halo universe could really support.

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Canon Fodder #77 & New CUGrimBrother One5/27/16 9:42 pm
     Unggoy with Cudgels?scarab5/28/16 4:47 am
           More like Unggoy in steampunk powered armourMorhek5/28/16 6:26 am
                 Re: More like Unggoy in steampunk powered armourdavidfuchs5/28/16 9:23 am

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