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Re: Thoughts on Halo 5.
Date: 11/11/14 2:18 am
In Response To: Thoughts on Halo 5. (Gravemind)

: Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic. See you guys in the beta in December and
: hopefully on the MCC before the end of the month. I still haven't been
: able to pick up an XBO yet, but I should have one within 2-3 weeks if
: everything goes right.

Me too. It seems like Halo multiplayer's been a bit lost since Reach. The developers recognized that the market was shifting towards CoD style gameplay, and tried to sail as close to the wind as they could while still attempting to make sure it felt llike Halo. Spartan Abilities, Ordinance, sprint, it was all stuff trying to cater to CoD fans. But given the player drop off rate of Reach and H4, it seems that if people wanted to play CoD, they'd always just play CoD, especially given their annual releases.

From the beta footage I just saw of H5, it seems that they've given up on trying to win the CoD crowed with CoD clone features. No more ordinance drops, not more load out perks (I presume), they're bringing it back to the level playing field which Halo 1, 2 and 3 perfected.

This is a good sign in my book. I'd rather them take a risk and try and win the masses back with features unique to Halo, not just trying to turn Halo into it's more popular competitors.

Everything I saw looked intriguing.
- Giving combat a more physical element seems like a natural direction to take Halo in, giving it makes no sense for Spartans not to try and tackle each other and use their arms to navigate the terrain. --
- Though I was sick of how often they were saying "the Prophet's Bane" over and over, it's a cool idea to assign player enhancing features to unique weapons.
- Thrusters seemed cool, not exactly revolutionary now with Titan Fall and Advanced Warfare but should be a fun new element. I always used the thruster pack ability in Halo 4 so should be a fun upgrade.
- Didn't get a good look at the armor designs but they seemed a lot more classic Halo then the doofus insect helmets of Halo 4.

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