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Did it!
Date: 9/26/14 7:47 pm
In Response To: Fire Team Zulu: Ambivalent Cartographer (FyreWulff)

: Master Chief is not sure who he should go after.. and doesn't seem to care.
: Fire Team Zulu's newest challenge is to complete Silent Cartographer and
: ONLY kill Elites at the highest tier. Spare all other Covenant - run past
: them, scare them away, do everything but kill them. The more enemy classes
: you kill, the lower the grade for completion. AI buddy kills don't count
: against you, but you should minimize them by not bringing any along where
: possible.

: Ambivalent Cartographer

: This challenge ends next Monday, the 29th.

So that was remarkably difficult. I played by the rule of no Elites *had* to be killed, although I ended up taking a fair few out to try and force the Grunts to scatter. No video, as my capture setup kept dropping frames; probably for the best, as it was a pretty horrifying grindy run... what I ended up doing:

*Run away from the battle, grab the hog, grab the overshield by the Silent Cartographer entrance.
*Backtrack to the security room passage, and use the natural cliff to air jump the hog past the Jackals and gun it.
**I had various success with the Elites in the passage, as sometimes they were Minors and sometimes Majors. I found it fairly easy to throw grenades that would only kill the Elites, but I tended to find I was likely to take myself up in the blast as well. Usually only made it through here with one or two bars; what usually helped was if I managed to freak the Elite Major by the crevasse entrance into rolling for cover when I shot my 'Hog over the jump.
**Hunters were easy to avoid, and the next encounter was fairly easy to skip. I figured out to hide in the niches just past the Jackals to replenish my health; usually what killed me at this point was a lucky hit with an overcharged blast.
**Grab an OS to survive the Grunts and the occasional Hunter shield. Random glitch I never noticed except thanks to CEA; a Pelican flies overhead and then abruptly disappears.
**Backtrack out (this had to be the easiest section; in fact there were a few times I made it throw with low overshields, so I ended up having to redo the section and get my shields knocked down to make sure I could grab another overshield to survive the fall.)
*Grabbed the crashed 'Hog, and went with rockets. Not sure how good an idea this was.
*Utilized the cave to reach the Cartographer (I don't think I'd ever actually used this route before, despite knowing of its existence.)
*Made it through the entrance with no issues, due to two lucky accidents: I ran over the patrolling Elite Major right through the door as I got out, blocked a Grunt with the 'Hog, and then nailed two Elites with a rocket without managing to kill any unwanted targets.
*Getting down to the Cartographer was no issue; run, run, run, and then utilize the last OS to survive the later levels by skipping them. My initial plan was that I would save the active camo for when I came back up, although I ended up not going for it.
*Coming back was the bitch, primarily the elbowed hallway with a few Grunts and an Elite just before the stairwell leading to the Hunters. I ended up using grenades to try and force the Grunts to dive further away from me, then close the distance without getting caught in the blast. Using Grunt Funeral to check and make sure I wasn't killing Grunts also usually had the effect of killing me in classic CE secondary explosions so I didn't have to do almost any force reloading this playthrough...
*The Hunters actually made the final room a lot easier than I thought it would be, as they took out a heck of a lot of Jackals for me with friendly fire. Getting past the Elite leading the Grunt squad was more difficult though; I ended up drawing them back and then circling the perimeter of the room, surviving thanks to the health packs.
*From there it was fairly easy. Rough estimate of deaths: at least 20 to get to the Security Room. After that I lost track.

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