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Re: Graphics are great, but the art is a bit meh.
Date: 7/27/14 9:34 pm

: These CGI cinema scenes are really great in terms of quality, but I don't
: like some of the liberties they too with the art design. Is it that hard
: to make characters look as close to the originals as possible, just much,
: much prettier and higher-res? Was it necessary to change Miranda's face
: and hair, or give Cortana a bodysuit, or for the Elites to be redesigned
: yet again? What is it about Halo that lends it to artistic liberties so
: much? It has to be one of the least visually consistent sci-fi universes
: I've seen. It just bugs me.

I think a lot of inconsistencies are due to the graphical evolution of gaming consoles. How much should we honor an original, when said original was limited at the time in its looks due to limited resources?

As Halo's visuals increase, it continues to give the developers a chance to ask, "All right, when we have this much ability to detail a person or object, what would they look like more detailed, versus what they looked like when we were limited with what we could do with them?"

I think Half-Jaw is a great evolution, as well as the new Arbiter, whom has super shinny metallic armor.

With this perspective, the changes doesn't bother me as much. I am glad they changed the plastic barbie looking face of Miranda. I feel like they honored it in a more realistic manner, while keeping her primary attributes intact.

New creative perspectives will always bring a division of likes/dislikes. See: Master Chief's redesigned armor. I would agree on the new Jackals looking a bit too far from their original design in a nonbeneficial manner, but in some people's eyes, they may look better.

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     Is it just me or does Johnson's lip sync seem off? *NM*General Vagueness7/25/14 6:09 pm
           Not just you. Felt it too *NM*ZackDark7/25/14 6:33 pm
           Agreed. I think his tongue didn't move enough. *NM*Pkmnrulz2407/26/14 10:18 am
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           Honestly, I like it *NM*ArteenEsben7/26/14 8:37 pm
     Oh, so good!Beorn7/27/14 12:45 am
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     Graphics are great, but the art is a bit meh.Gravemind7/27/14 7:10 pm
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