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Re: MS press conference thoughts.
Date: 6/9/14 3:37 pm
In Response To: MS press conference thoughts. (Gravemind)

: Some interesting stuff, but nothing exclusive-wise is screaming "Gotta
: get an XBO now!" A lot of the stuff was third-party multiplat games
: like CoD, The Division, and The Witcher III, so I'll just focus on actual
: exclusives.

: Sunset Overdrive looks slick, with vibrant visuals and a sense of humor about
: itself, but it also looks like it could end up being a repetitive slog
: through hordes of mostly identical mooks, plus Insomniac's last couple of
: games were apparently not all that good.

: Crackdown 3 has my interest. Unlike Crackdown 2, which was just a reskinned
: Crackdown 1, this one looks to be an all-new city. Also, the CG trailer
: insinuated destructible environments. However, like Crackdown 2 it's being
: made by a different developer (since Realtime Worlds is defunct, this was
: a given, though). I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

: Ori of the Blind Forest is a pretty-looking 2D game, but details are sparse.

: Project Spark still doesn't really do anything for me besides give me some
: ideas for Forge.

: Nothing for Gears of War, so I guess it's still extremely early in
: development. 2016 release, maybe?

: The highlight of the conference was of course Halo. Nothing for Halo 5
: really, but we did get the Master Chief Collection announced. The idea of
: a Halo 5 beta and Halo 2 online are enticing, but said interest may be
: nullified if Halo 1's MP still has no online and if Halo 2's MP is still
: broken (glitches, unbalanced weapons, iffy netcode). There was a Tweet
: that kinda-did-kinda-didn't confirm H1 MP was online, and apparently Halo
: 2 MP is running 100% as-is (or rather "as-was"). If anything
: convinces me to get an XBO either before they give it a price cut (no, the
: Kinect-less SKU isn't a "real" price cut; I'm talking the
: Kinect-less SKU dropping to $350 or less) or Halo 5 comes out, it'll be
: the MCC, but I still need more details before making a decision.

I really enjoyed AC4: Black Flag, so the thought of an open world co-op Assassins Creed with the new AC: Unity has me excited. If it's done like their 'competitive multiplayer' AT ALL though count me out. That mode is proof positive to me that not every game needs multiplayer right there.

I'm actually more excited for Sunset Overdrive every time I see more of it. The over the top presentation, the crazy weapons and the humor are right up my alley. I'm interested to see more about the story as I know there are warring factions of unaffected humans to deal with in addition to the robot security force of the energy drink manufacturer that they still haven't shown off yet! Here's hoping we see them both this week, in addition to the 8-player mode they hinted at in the conference.

I love good co-op games, add in Platinum Games at the wheel, and the game Scalebound really piqued my interest. Looked like a mix of modern and medieval and I saw dragons and some rhino looking monster as well that looked to be player mounts and teammates. I definitely want to see more of that game as it looked like it could be fun.

Crackdown with the original creator back at the helm, that amazing, heavenly voice of the narrator and orbs, orbs, orbs...count me in no matter what. Give it an open-world with destructible environments and great co-op and I'll get lost in the world again. Bring on the Volk!

The MC Collection will be why I buy an XBO though. All the campaigns, all the co-op, all the online competitive multiplayer with ALL the maps plus 6 new remastered ones, all the firefight, all the spartan ops...just too much to pass up for $60 and accessed via one menu. I honestly can't believe they actually did it really. Then also add in the Nightfall series and the Halo 5 beta. Wow. Good game Xbox, good game!

- MacGyver10

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