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Halo Wars 2 w/ Kinect support anyone?
Date: 5/13/14 3:31 pm

: I really wish they would've waited on this decision. I felt there was a lot
: of potential with the Kinect since it came with every Xbox. Especially
: with its voice recognition capabilities. Sacrificing potential long-term
: rewards for short-term benefits, I'm disappointed.

Whenever they do get around to putting out HW2, I hope this move doesn't dissuade them from using Kinect voice/gesture recognition in the game. Would be cool to be in a match and be able to say "Serina, prep 10 Hawks and rally them at bravo base" all while focusing on an intense battle elsewhere.

It'd just be really great to not have to take my eyes or control off key battles, yet still command my bases at home to produce units or such. Or, how interesting would it be to ask "Serina" how long until those 10 Hawks are all complete and rallied and get a response? "1 minute and 17 seconds, Captain". Man, I really want a fucking Halo Wars 2.

You'd still be able to play the game without a Kinect, but it would just be a much better experience with it.

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                 Thank you Super Fooper, good stuffCARDO 8 ATL5/13/14 3:39 pm
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           Halo Wars 2 w/ Kinect support anyone?kornman005/13/14 3:31 pm
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           Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.Pkmnrulz2405/13/14 6:04 pm
           I agree.Kermit5/13/14 6:59 pm
     This is good for HBO.Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)5/13/14 4:17 pm
           Re: This is good for HBO.CaneCutter5/13/14 4:45 pm
                 Re: This is good for HBO.MacGyver105/13/14 4:51 pm
           Re: This is good for HBO.Cody Miller5/13/14 6:26 pm
                 *rimshot* *NM*Pkmnrulz2405/14/14 5:43 pm
           This is a good first step, yesAvateur5/13/14 8:51 pm
                 First step? This is like the 20th step.Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)5/14/14 1:02 am
                 lol. 26 Maps On One Disk. *NM*Morpheus5/14/14 3:50 am
                       from DVD to BluRay. It could work! *NM*MacGyver105/14/14 4:50 pm
                       Re: lol. 26 Maps On One Disk.Avateur5/15/14 9:51 am
                             Re: lol. 26 Maps On One Disk.Jironimo5/15/14 4:09 pm
                                   Re: lol. 26 Maps On One Disk.Avateur5/15/14 10:38 pm
     More good XB1 newsuberfoop5/14/14 4:39 pm
           Even more even gooder XB1 news!Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)5/14/14 5:53 pm

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