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Re: HBOMB 2 - The Blunder Strikes Back
Date: 1/21/14 8:51 pm

So yeah, met up with a bunch of dudes and a lady from the internet this past weekend. And it was awesome.

Tex took care of the full narrative, so I'll just add a few anecdotes of my own

Where's the HBOMB? Not Denver
Semi relevant
It all started innocently enough. Arrived at the airport with time to spare. Boarding time comes.

"Sorry. The plane just came from Cancun and is in customs. It'll just be a few minutes late. If we all board in an orderly fashion, you'll all still make your connections."

"Sorry, maintenance needs to look at something on the plane. It'll just be about 15-30 minutes. Your connecting flights have been notified, and if we cooperate, we can board quickly and get to your connections."

We finally get on, only to find this going on outside the window for another 20 minutes:
Mobile Upload

Yeah, didn't make that connecting flight. Got put up in a hotel overnight while I waited to see if I got a standby flight. I got lucky, I guess, in that I only spent 15 hours in Denver rather than the predicted 19. I kind of want that "Not Denver" t-shirt now.

Where's the HBOMB? Probably back the way we came
We had a 3-car caravan whenever the group went out. It became clear pretty quickly that U-turns were going to be a thing for us. There were at least 3 before we even got to the highway to Heber City. And then a couple when we went out for dinner. We're pretty good at maps.

Games and Such
Lots of Halo 2 and Halo Reach to be had. Turns out if you haven't played Halo in a year, you tend to play worse than you used to. :) It was fun though.

Lots of other forms of gaming going on, too. Cards Against Humanity gave several of us a great ab workout. Usually it involved references to a tiny horse. Snow football was pretty great, except I couldn't run well due to a previous injury.

kanbo and I decided to take on Schooly and Tex in Laredo Rules Beer Pong after their narrow victory over Paddy and Brewman. Surely Laredo Rules wouldn't come into effect again, right? Yeah...first round, Schooly and Tex sank their shots back to back in the same cup. Head shot, instant loss. Well, at least we got to drink 6 Natty Lights. D:

The waiters coming to find out if we were famous was pretty amusing. I wonder what they thought of Schooly's official answer: "We are a multi-ethnic conglomerate of people who used to play Halo." We're internet famous. Some of us have been on HBO's front page.

Goodbyes and HBOMB 2.5
So eventually we had to bid each other adieu, though Tex and I found out at the last minute we'd be sharing a flight back to Denver (ugh). Even though SLC had the chillest TSA ever, I hear we missed a fellow HBOMBer being swabbed and flagged for Explosive Residue or something. Too much HBOMB on his hands, if you will.

Back in Denver, Tex and I briefly met up with elessar who was waiting for his connection as well. We had a little mini HBOMB of our own that consisted of eating KFC/Pizza Hut Express. And then parted ways again. I had a 3.5 hour layover this time, but luckily it was only as long as I expected.

Final Notes
It was great to see everyone, some for the first time in a while, some for the first time ever. I'd totally be down to do it again next year. And thanks to that little delay on my way out, my next flight will be almost free.

tl;dr: Hours in Denver > number of blunderous u-turns, and that's saying something

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