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Co-op Night: Midnight
Date: 12/3/13 11:14 pm

Co-op Night

Co-op Night Is Wednesday at 9 EST

Master Chief is tough. You know he's tough because he spends most of this level with a nuke strapped to his backside. He and Cortana are in pursuit of the Didact, and now they're closer than ever to reaching him, but first they have some pesky Forerunner to deal with.

I don't know where this level ranks among my favorites, but I know for some reason I really like playing it on legendary, and I've played it more than any other. I must enjoy seeing my body disintegrate into floating flecks of gold.

This week's battle plan:

  • Midnight
  • Legendary
  • Tough Luck, Thunderstorm, and Mythic (fun skulls and Tilt optional)

If you haven't yet, be sure and send a friend request to Coop Night on XBL. This will help me organize teams.

Battle Notes

Composer was great a few weeks ago. Human levels are always fun, and Loftus always puts things in perspective, sometimes literally.

Here are the stats from last week:

Team Kermit

Team Snipe

Team Bones

My team may have been the most cooperative in the history of co-op nights. Across four players we all killed within 9 of each other. Bluerunner had a whopping 47 assists. He must have closely supported Snipe, helping with his tremendous 124 kills.

Co-op Night FAQ (V5.1)

Why co-op?

I like playing with other people--especially people from the communities. We all love inhabiting other worlds and kicking alien butt. Co-op Night gives us to chance to do this while also enjoying each other's company and maybe getting to know each other better than we might when we're trying to shoot each other in the face.

What will we play?

A level of the Halo 4 campaign each week until we're done.

Why only one level?

There's no limit to what you can play. The battle plan is just a starting point. If you want to continue to play the next level, that's fine, but personally, Iím about savoring one level per night. Simply put, Co-op Night is about having a night where if you show up, it's assumed you are interested in co-op with community members, and youíre committed to playing through one level.

So there are no rules?

Not really, but the goal is to milk as much fun as possible out of each mission, and for the most part, this means full path Halo, appreciating the story, killing everything, avoiding glitchy shortcuts, and saving the galaxy with style while leaving piles of dead enemies in our wake. In other words, this is not high speed Halo. Co-op night is about teamwork. On co-op night, assists count as much as kills.

How will teams be formed?

Here's how team formation on co-op night works.

1. Send a friend request to the gamertag Coop Night on XBL. (You can also send a note to Kermit7, but friends of Coop Night get invited first.)

2. If you're online at the designated time, I assume you have an interest in co-op and invite you to my party.

3. If and when we have a full party (or multiple parties), we play a short custom Free-For-All game and the results will serve as our randomized team list. I'll assign team leaders, and we'll count off four starting from the top.

4. The party leaders leave to form their own Xbox Live party, inviting their assigned teammates (usually the two to three names under them in the last game results). Then the co-op game begins!

With luck, this process shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes.

But what about my friends?

You have friends? Congratulations! Gathering a party to play co-op should be easy whenever you want. Quit your bellyaching, soldier! You've got a job to do. Co-op night isn't about playing with the same old people you always play with. It's about playing with the community, and maybe forming new friendships and bonds forged in brightly colored blood.



cc: DBO

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