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Notice: The work contained on this page was inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved by Bungie Studios. I am not Bungie Studios, I am not affiliated with Bungie Studios and neither
is HBO. None of these vehicles will appear in Halo 2. They were generated in the hopes that the PC/Mac version of Halo currently in production will allow for fan-created content.
If that is the case, every effort will be made to make these vehicles available for download. Update: The HEK is out and Halo CE has been released and my wife and I just had twin
Therefore production has come to a screeching halt due to lack of sleep, time and resources. Production will resume as soon as humanly possible.

All work (C)2003 Jordan Edell   www.edelldesigns.com


SPECIAL DELIVERY - 24mb The first four entries here are featured in a short cgi film I made based on Halo. Really more of a cutscene sequence it shows how the Master Chief might be ferried deep into hostile territory. Graciously hosted by Mythica.org.



Boomers were developed by the UNSC to engage enemy capital ships from extended ranges. Completely automated (unmanned) it's sophisticated deep field sensor package and combat AI can track and engage up to 48 individual targets. Although not an inexpensive piece of hardware Boomers are ultimately considered disposable as long as their payload is delivered.

Crew:             0
Weight:          470 tons
Armament:     Mk VI LRT x 48



Intended specifically for use with the SPARTAN project, these drop pods are designed to be fast, stealthy and capable of delivering it's occupant with pinpoint accuracy. On-board ECM's coupled with dynamic camouflage make this package ideal for slipping SPARTANs into hostile territory.

Crew:             1
Weight:          2.25 tons
Armament:     n/a



The Thunderbolt LRT is the standard GP self propelled ordinance carried by UNSC Boomers. Extremely fast and hard to hit, Thunderbolts can be self targeting or guided remotely. The Thunderbolts very basic design allows it to carry a variety of payloads including, but not limited to: conventional high explosives, chemical/biological, and thermonuclear warheads.

Crew:             0
Weight:          1.5 tons
Armament:     n/a



UNSC intelligence has very little information on this new class of capital ship. It has been suggested that a ship of this magnitude would most likely be used by the Prophets for command and control of large Covenant fleets. It is also been estimated that the power expenditure required to shield a ship of this size may have made it impractical to do so.

Crew:             unknown
Weight:          unknown
Armament:     unknown



The SD - 605S "Wolverine" Light Combat Vehicle was designed specifically for long range infiltrations and covert Ops. It's high powered cannon can engage infantry and armour from extreme ranges and IR projector lamps enable navigation in complete darkness. Optional external fuel cells (not shown) allow the Wolverine to traverse tremendous distances.

Crew:             2
Weight:          2.5 tons
Armament:     .30 cal AP auto cannon


SD- 603A "WARBOW" LRV    

The SD - 603A "Warbow" light reconnaissance vehicle is the standard Marine forward scout vehicle. Like it's cousin the M 12 "Warthog" it is fast and maneuverable. The higher top speed and lower profile of the "Warbow" make it ideal for covert operations and fast attack missions.

Crew:             2
Weight:          1.75 tons
Armament:     7.62 mm HV machine guns x2


SD- 604R "FERRET" LRV    

The SD - 604R "Ferret" is the basic platform on which the SD-60x family of LRV/LCV's are built. It's high top speed make it perfect for getting into, and out of trouble in a hurry. It's superb off-road maneuverability make it ideal for reaching extremely remote spots. It's rugged dependability make it a favorite of Marine Scouts and Snipers alike.

Crew:             1
Weight:          1.1 tons
Armament:     7.62 mm HV machine guns x2


RDP Mk.0 "Cassandra" Recon Drone Prototype  

The RDP Mk.0 "Cassandra" Recon Drone Prototype was designed to meet UNSC needs for real-time battlefeild tactical data. Although the hardware performed very well, the software left much to be desired. Read the declassified breif here.

Crew:             Automated
Weight:          0.6 tons
Armament:     N/A


GT - 707.4HA "LOBSTER"    

This .4HA variant of the GT-707 platform is the standard marine heavy field artillery unit. Even at extreme range the "Lobster" can be deadly accurate, especially when used in conjunction with aerial reconnaissance. However, it's onboard ammo store of HE shells makes it vulnerable to enemy AP fire. Generally, the "Lobster" is not a front-line vehicle and should be deployed with adequate defensive support.

Crew:             1
Weight:          32 tons
Armament:     194mm HE long range cannon x2


WA - 802 "GNERD"    

The WA - 802 GNome ERadication Device was designed specifically for Halo ground operations. The gnomes penchant for removing dropped ordinance has made the Marines work a great deal more difficult. This is especially true in the realm of vehicle "re-deployment." While the GNERD's physical anti-gnome performance is exemplary, one should not underestimate the psychological effect on a given gnome population. Quite frankly, it scares the shit out of them.

Crew:             1
Weight:          38 tons
Armament:     4 ton pneumatic impact hammer x1


MH - 73A "HORNET"    

The MH - 73 "Hornet" is the standard Marine close air support and ground assault platform. Highly maneuverable and capable of hovering, the "Hornet" can be devastating against amour and infantry alike. The rear portion can accommodate two Spartans for covert insertions.

Crew:             2 (pilot + Turret gunner)
Weight:          8.5 tons
Armament:     102mm HE rocket x8
                     Turret:.30 caliber APT x2
                     Payload:1000 lbs. freefall cluster bomb x2



GT - 707 designates a base half-tracked platform capable of performing in many roles. The .6SV variant is the Standard Marine APC. Surprisingly fast for its size and able to traverse the most rugged terrain, the "Hungry Hippo" is ideal for moving troops into hostile territory.

Crew:             1 (optional Turret gunner) + 10 Marines
Weight:          37 tons
Armament:     35mm HV Auto cannon
                     Fragmentation grenade launcher x3



The 505GA is a standard Marine dropship outfitted for offensive ground assault. The Pelicans heavy lift capability allows it to carry an impressive amount of ordinance into battle. Not particularly fast but well armored, the "Angry" Pelican can be quite devastating.

Crew:             1
Weight:          43 tons
Armament:     154mm rocket pod x56 rockets
                     21.5 x134mm DU M61 LAAG x2
                     Payload: 12,000 lbs "Daisycutter" x1

                     or 6,000 lbs "Blockbuster" x2