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Last updated: 05.04.03

Notice: The work contained on this page was inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved by Bungie Studios. I am not Bungie Studios, I am not affiliated with Bungie Studios and neither
is HBO. None of these vehicles will appear in Halo 2. They were generated in the hopes that the PC/Mac version of Halo currently in production will allow for fan-created content.
If that is the case, every effort will be made to make these vehicles available for download.

All work 2003 Jordan Edell





Finally got my grubby lil' paws on a copy of the public test of Brazil r/s. It is not fully functional and I have just begun to scratch the surface, but I know it is an exceptional renderer and I look forward to playing around with it. That's Strykerwolfs MC model, many thanks for the use. I tweaked the texture a bit and added bump and specular maps. I realize that this doesn't look too terribly different from some of the other renders...this may be due to the fact that this mesh is still using Max's textures and not Brazils.

Unfortunately, I think that using a Brazil-based texture will require completely re-mapping the model. Oh well.


Check out Brazil at


UNSC "FIREFLY" Jet Pack    

In thinking about a design for a jet pack I wanted to come up with something that would leave the players hands free to fire carried weapons and throw grenades. Similar designs, like the ones in Minority Report seem awkward to me...I don't quite get how you would realistically control an apparatus like that.

I may have over-thought this but, under the feet are pedals that could control elevation and strafe movements while scissoring your legs could provide rotation.

'Hummingbird' seemed like an obvious choice for the name but I think it lacks a certain "oomph."

Crew:             1
Weight:          1 ton
Armament:     N/A


UNSC "LEAPFROG" Jump pack  

Seeing as the above design might be a little cumbersome, this provides more of a "strap-on" solution. This design would have a more limited flight time than the Firefly. The integrated utility appendages could provide a wealth of gameplay opportunities, such as hanging from the ceiling in dark corners. They could also hold a remote camera for peeking around corners or pick up ammo and reload weapons. Further illustration is forthcoming.

Crew:             1
Weight:          0.4 tons
Armament:     N/A


Covenant "SPECTRE" Light Airborne Attack Vehicle (LAAV)  

I figure the Covenant need a comparable vehicle and while I originally intended it to be more along the lines of a "jetpack" it has subsequently morphed into something else. As with the UNSC designs above there may be an advantage given to these vehicles over other players. To offset this, perhaps they will be powered by the shields of the MC and the Elites. This, of course would leave the player completely unprotected.

Note: I am not happy with the way the weapons turned out, they look more like Plasma Rifles than anything else. I'll have to work on that.

Crew:             1
Weight:          1.1 tons
Armament:     Plasma pistol x2


M-47 Modular Weapon System