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New news groups?
Posted By: Plane GuyDate: 8/28/00 10:57 p.m.

I play MS's game Asheron's Call, and like to read the newsgroup on MS's server. The problem with their server is that they add new groups everyday, so every time you log in, you get that annoying "There are new newsgroups. Do you want to view them now?" message. Usually my respone is "no; bugger off," but I felt compelled to see what was new. I saw three new groups:

microsoft.public.oni.beta.bugtracker microsoft.public.oni.beta.gamebugs microsoft.public.oni.beta.suggestions

They all seem to be empty, but it is interesting :)

Psst... I know you Bungie guys are new, but Bill *does* have a passworded news server explicitly for beta testing ;)

Plane Guy

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