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The word of G.O.D
Posted By: Pico <>Date: 7/25/00 5:31 p.m.

Ask and yea shall receive;

I emailed Gathering of Developers for info on a very quick reply from Robert Westmorland (don't know his title). Nothing Earth shattering, but it was nice to get such a quick reply. His reply is on top and my letter/questions are below.


Thanks for your interest in ONI. The answers to your questions are as follows:

1) We are currently planning an October 2000 ship date for ONI, but as this is technology that date could change.

2) Publishers are responsible for the financing, marketing and operational aspects of bringing a game to market. As there are many different developers and publishers in the business, the methods and involvement varies from company to company. With Gathering, our main efforts go into financing, marketing and procurement of licenses. Our parent company, Take2 Interactive handles more of the operational aspects of these projects.

3) Gathering will handle all aspects of PR/Marketing for ONI. That includes but is not limited to the following: Retail promotions/ads, Press events, Magazine advertising, Internet strategies, Packaging, Demos and much much more.

4) I would expect you will see a splash or two about ONI on our site in the not too distant future :)

I hope this answers your questions adequately. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.


Robert Westmoreland

-----Original Message----- Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 2:12 PM To:; Subject: Looking for info on Oni


I am looking for any info that you can give to me regarding Bungie's upcomming software title, Oni.

From what I understand, Gathering of Developers will be responsible for the publishing of Oni, as the game (along with the Myth franchise) was sold to Take Two, your parent company.

I've been checking your website ( for over a month now to see if any information would be posted re: Oni. Aside from two brief news posts on June 20, the day after the buyout, nothing regarding Oni has appeared on your site.

Gathering of Developers's President, Harry Miller, has stated: "As far as Gathering is concerned, we are excited about having ONI for our Fall lineup, and are excited about working with the Myth franchise."

I'm looking for the following information:

Rumors are that Oni will ship around the time of the PS2 introduction, around late October. Harry Miller has stated it is part of the Fall lineup. Is this still correct?

What exactly does g.o.d do when they are the publisher of a software title? What responsibilities does a publisher take on?

What role will g.o.d play in the PR/Marketing of Oni, if any?

Will we see any information re: oni on the g.o.d website? Or is the g.o.d. website simply a portal for developers (ie, Bungie west).

Thanks for any info you can pass along.


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The word of G.O.DPico 7/25/00 5:31 p.m.
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