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Re: Oni origins.
Posted By: chefDate: 10/8/02 4:58 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Oni origins. (aneep)

Yeah, all of the above is true; it was a codename suggested by the old project lead's girlfriend, and it just stuck.

I inherited the name when I came onto the team, but I tried to make the rewrite of the story reflect some interesting questions like: who is the "demon" that the name referes to... Konoko because of what's inside her and what she's turning into, or Griffin because of his inhuman cruelty and ruthlessness?

FYI I also took a lot of pride in actually reflecting the tagline from those posters (the "there's no one left to trust..." lines) in the final version of the story, and actually dropping that line into the in-game narrative as well.

- chef -

: a girlfriend of the original producer suggested the title to him
: Oni means demon in japanese
: since they (Bungie) are inspired by Ghost in the Shell (anime/manga) among
: other things, the name sticks

: -aneep-

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