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Re: Oni basic questionare
Posted By: chefDate: 7/6/02 10:38 p.m.

In Response To: Oni basic questionare (The best piece of ass in 51 provinces)

: 1.Why is Muro drawn so oddly in the back of the oni box?

Harry is completely correct: we had no control over the actual box that the game shipped in, and it was an eyesore.

: 2. How come all of the scripts are made only for the training level or the
: 2nd level?

Sorry, but I don't know what you mean by this; every level in the game is fully scripted.

: 3.When is Oni2 coming out? Can you give me any basic information of which you
: have heard(even if it is not for sure)?

Well, Take 2 is now a major player with GTA 3 under it's control. They might decide to do something with the Oni IP. Then again, they might not!

: 4. How come the Iron Demon was taken out of the game along with several
: things such ass blood, multiplayer, some really cool looking levels, more
: fighting along side team mates (something I enjoy very much), and some
: characters that looked cool such as the original form of a tanker.

Again, Harry was right. The Iron Demon never completely worked within the constraints of our animation system. And it would have been hard to fight a robot in hand-to-hand (though we did have a plan for that...). We didn't have enough programmers or time to solve the problems of making the game playable multiplayer over the network. I've said it before but nobody cried harder than me when we lost it!

The teammates stuff was put in by the individual level scripters. The reason there's not a lot of it is because it didn't always work like it was supposed to (mostly us designers were using Chris Butcher's AI tools for evil instead of good!). Stil, Chris took a lot of the lessons we learned from designing the Oni AI and used 'em in Halo.

Blood never looked great (though I thought it didn't look horrible), but we decided to pull it out because it didn't really fit with the game we were developing. Since none of the models would actually show damage, blood seemed goofy.

As to the Tanker I guess I'm not sure what you're referring to. There were a bunch of models that had been created for the game that we didn't end up using, mostly in an attempt to preserve the "color-coding" of the enemy characters. Tanker was a human for a really long time until I convinced Chris Hughes to make him some new skin textures to turn him into an SLD...

: 5. What was the original conflict between the architects and programmers
: which led to the omitting of several levels?

There was no conflict between anybody. It was just that early versions of the story called for certain locations and (before they knew any better) the architects went ahead and modelled them as "real" spaces (you shoulda seen the fully modelled toilets...very impresisve!). We basically had to go back into every level of the game and completely rip it apart to support the gameplay we were going for or else build them new from scratch. (You're still my hero Dave!)

The change in the level numbering came because the story completely changed from the old stuff into the form that you now know. After the changes one level was out of sequence in the story. It was easier to simply rename that one level in the data and leave a gap rather than rename all the levels to support the new story sequence.

: 6. Is Oni 2 going to be for mac or at least PS2?

Dunno, but if Take 2 makes it they'd be crazy not to support PS2.

: 7. Thanks for the help!

I'm always here!

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