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He was the prototype for 'em all...
Posted By: chefDate: 11/14/01 3:12 p.m.

In Response To: TCTF Agent Gives 5 Hypos! (WJ)

Hahaha! I put that guy there when I was building the TCTF melee profile. Then I gave him lots of hypos so that as we were fighting I could always count on healing up!

I guess I forgot to delete his character spawn point so he's still there even though he's never spawned by the level scripts.

Why was he in the State Building level you might ask? Well, that was the first level we ever built all the way through as "proof-of-concept", so it was used as the test-bed for lots of features in the game.

So, there you go; the mystery explained and a little Oni history for ya!


: Hi,

: There is one TCTF Tactical Agent that gives 5 hypos when killed in the State
: Building level.
: But firstly, you have to use the ai2_spawnall(to make all enemies) code to
: make that guy appear. Go to the outside of the building and turn to YOUR
: left. You would see a TCTF Tactical agent. Kill him and you will get 5
: hypos! But beware, unless you are the King of Backbreakers(Oni Master, I
: think), you will find this particular agent more difficult to kill than
: the typical TCTF Tactical agents, which are supposed to be weak.

: The strange thing is, this particular agent attacks besides Konoko, other
: agents, too!

: By the way, if you were to attack all the TCTF agents outside the building,
: you might have noticed that one or two of the TCTF BlackOps Tactical
: agents are much tougher than the normal TCTF BlackOps Tactical. Also,
: there are two snipers that are 'health enhanced' as well. Snipers are
: supposed to be weak, as mentioned in the manual. But this particular
: sniper is almost as strong as a TCTF BlackOps SWAT! But the thing is,
: there are OTHER snipers and TCTF BlackOps Tactical agents that are weaker
: than those mentioned above. I thought that these characters are supposed
: to have similar character type in the *.sep and *.dat files!

: Lastly, you might have noticed that shapeshifting into the same character
: different amounts of times would change their heights. The first time you
: shapeshift into Mukade, Muro, etc, you would notice that they will be
: shorter and shorter and then, grow taller and taller, and then shorter and
: shorter again. This means that if you were to spawn similar characters(two
: Muros), one might be taller or shorter than the other.

: Sorry for the long message,

: WJ

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TCTF Agent Gives 5 Hypos!WJ 11/12/01 3:04 a.m.
     He was the prototype for 'em all...chef 11/14/01 3:12 p.m.

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