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New Oni Preview Coming Up...
Posted By: Pfhor <>Date: 11/19/99 8:46 a.m.

I e-mailed Gamespot asking them when they will be having new information on either Halo or Oni and David from Gamespot responded with this:

"You'll find some new information in the new issue of PCGaming World - out this Thurs. There's not a huge amount of new info on Halo because it's still so far from completion - we expect it around Xmas 2000. But there are new pictures and details about Bungie's other new title Oni - which is further along in development - expected Summer 2000. Cheers David PC Gaming World"

Now I was wondering if anyone here gets PC Gaming World, and this would probably been the December issue. Oh yeah, he also meant yesturday, not next week, :-) I hope to see some scans of it possibly soon, later all.


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New Oni Preview Coming Up...Pfhor 11/19/99 8:46 a.m.
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