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Re: does anybody care about Halo 6?
By:C.W. Miller
Date: 7/18/17 4:15 pm
In Response To: Re: does anybody care about Halo 6? (Schooly D)

: Given this track record, why would anyone be excited for
: Halo 6 when we've been given literally zero information on it? Where is
: any hype or interest supposed to come from?

I imagine the people who get paychecks are excited for Halo 6 :-D

Messages In This Thread

does anybody care about Halo 6?scarab8/16/17 6:12 pm
     Re: does anybody care about Halo 6?Schooly D7/19/17 2:37 pm
           Re: does anybody care about Halo 6?C.W. Miller7/18/17 4:15 pm
           Exactly right. *NM*Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316)7/18/17 5:34 pm
           I really only care just a little.Captain Spark7/20/17 8:23 am
                 Re: I really only care just a little.scarab7/20/17 8:37 am
                       Would the AIs respect us?scarab7/20/17 4:52 pm
                             Re: Would the AIs respect us?davidfuchs7/20/17 4:52 pm
           Re: does anybody care about Halo 6?ChrisTheeCrappy7/19/17 2:36 pm
           Re: does anybody care about Halo 6?TheBSPolice7/19/17 2:37 pm
     I doKidTsunami7/20/17 3:55 pm
           Re: I doMacGyver107/18/17 8:42 pm
                 Re: Warzone FirefightKidTsunami7/18/17 9:59 pm
                       Re: Warzone Firefightdavidfuchs7/18/17 9:59 pm
           Re: I doMorpheus7/19/17 10:49 pm
                 Re: I doTheBSPolice7/20/17 2:46 pm
                       Oh. I'm Screwed Then. lol *NM*Morpheus7/20/17 2:46 pm
           Re: me too me tooasa7/21/17 5:17 pm
                 as science catches up to science fictiondavidfuchs7/21/17 5:17 pm
     Nowadays, I'm not really sure what to say.Quirel8/16/17 6:22 pm
           what is this Spacebattles of which you speak?scarab7/20/17 2:22 am
                 Re: what is this Spacebattles of which you speak?Quirel7/20/17 2:22 am
           Re: Nowadays, I'm not really sure what to say.General Vagueness8/17/17 6:03 am
                 Yeah, I've had a few likes but few repliesscarab8/23/17 8:22 pm
                       Re: Yeah, I've had a few likes but few repliesdavidfuchs8/17/17 12:14 pm
                             I got some replies. All is right with the world:-)scarab8/17/17 12:14 pm
                       Re: Yeah, I've had a few likes but few repliesQuirel8/19/17 5:40 pm
                       Re: Yeah, I've had a few likes but few repliesGeneral Vagueness8/24/17 2:15 am
                             it started quiet, then took off, then devolved toScarab8/24/17 2:15 am
     Yep. *echoes Morpheus' comment* *NM*thebruce07/18/17 10:31 pm
     I do.Gravemind7/19/17 11:41 am
     Sorta kinda maybeGrizzlei7/19/17 4:34 pm
     what's Halo *NM*Ibeechu7/20/17 11:01 am
           A healthy ice cream brand?MacGyver107/20/17 4:53 pm
                 "Healthy" *NM*davidfuchs7/20/17 5:26 pm
                       Healthy, yesGrizzlei7/20/17 7:34 pm
                             Re: Healthy, yesdavidfuchs7/21/17 1:00 am
                                   Re: Healthy, yesSchooly D7/21/17 6:24 pm
                                         Re: Healthy, yesGrizzlei7/21/17 2:58 am
                                               Re: Healthy, yesQuirel7/21/17 11:24 am
                                                     Re: Healthy, yesthebruce07/21/17 8:49 am
                                                     Re: Healthy, yesGrizzlei7/21/17 11:24 am
                                         Re: Healthy, yesdavidfuchs7/21/17 8:33 pm
                                               Re: Healthy, yesSchooly D7/21/17 8:33 pm
                                         Re: Healthy, yesCody Miller7/21/17 8:36 pm
                                               Re: Healthy, yesSchooly D7/23/17 10:58 pm
                                                     Re: Healthy, yesGrizzlei7/21/17 8:58 pm
                                                     Re: Healthy, yesCody Miller7/24/17 1:00 am
                                                           Re: Healthy, yesSchooly D7/24/17 3:26 am
                                                                 Re: Healthy, yesCody Miller7/24/17 4:06 pm
                                                                       Re: Healthy, yesthebruce07/24/17 5:34 pm
                                                                             Re: Healthy, yesCody Miller7/25/17 9:36 am
                                                                                   Re: Healthy, yesthebruce07/25/17 12:59 pm
                                                                                         Re: Healthy, yesSchooly D7/25/17 7:06 pm
                                                                                               Re: Healthy, yesCody Miller7/25/17 1:48 pm
                                                                                               Re: Healthy, yesthebruce07/25/17 7:06 pm
                                                                       Re: Dude, you can die from drinking too much water *NM*KidTsunami7/24/17 5:53 pm
                                                                             I did that once *NM*scarab7/25/17 9:38 am
                                                                                   Re: I did that oncethebruce08/2/17 4:03 am
                                                                                         Burn her!!!! :-) *NM*scarab8/2/17 4:03 am
     Lots of people careGeneral Vagueness8/17/17 2:08 am
           A+ *NM*KidTsunami8/16/17 10:55 pm
           the chat is "face to face" as opposed to here? *NM*scarab8/17/17 2:08 am

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