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Re: My Guess:
Date: 5/16/14 7:58 pm
In Response To: Re: My Guess: (Avateur)

: As much as I hate to admit it, your post is solid. I can't disagree with you
: at all. I think the only reason is money. Cash grab. I took a moment to
: look over a shelf and I can very clearly see H1, H2, H3, ODST, Reach, and
: H4 on it. I have no need to go and purchase a new console and a bundle
: when I can play the campaigns of each and every one of those at this very
: moment with no strings attached.

Well, think about it: The XB1 is in need of games. Beyond Titan Fall or BF4, there isn't really a "must have" game to push the console. I've had this discussion with a lot of people in our community at least, and the most common consensus is that there isn't really a reason for us to pick up an XB1 (ignoring Destiny as part of this discussion).

Halo, and Master Chief sell.

Now, one thing I've heard multiple times from my NON Halo-centric friends that have XB1's is that while Titan Fall and Forza didn't captivate them like some other launch titles, they still find it incredibly hard to go back and play 360 games. I think there is a lot of truth to that. That its hard to go back.

So if Microsoft were to have something to excite the Halo crowd, to get them to get an XB1 now instead of waiting for Halo 5 it would have to be something that would keep their attention, be different enough that they feel they must have it, yet be a safe bet for the bean counters and stock holders. A re-master of the campaigns would probably do it.

Add achievements to each title, maybe improve the co-op play over live. Add some terminal content or some bullshit like that.

It would probably keep folks busy for a bit, build buzz for Halo as a whole, and move some consoles in the process.

But it can't be TOO good of a thing.

If they put out H2A MP and it was shitty or rushed, faith would be lost in Halo 5's MP.
If they put out H2A MP and it was freakin awesome, what incentive do I have to play Halo 5 MP?

It fits their M.O. with Reach and CEA. Why not do it again?


Is this enough to make me want to go out and buy an XBone myself? Well, not at the moment. As you said, if I want to play the campaigns I have the ability do that whenever I want with my 360. But I'm a patient person. I have self control with my money. A lot of people don't.

I could possibly see myself buying the (rumored) game if there was a collectors edition or something like a statue with it you know. I could always play it later then. But I'm in the minority, and I know that.

[P.S. Cash grab. I hate that phrase. Are people not allowed to make money anymore? If people will buy it, why wouldn't a seller sell it? As long as the market is there.... I mean, isn't Destiny a cash grab for Activision? Isn't Taco Bell's new breakfast food a cash grab for Yum Brands? Isn't the F150 a cash grab for Ford? I don't see where to draw the line anymore. Something is only a cash grab based on how jilted someone is with the company\product in question. I place blame with the consumer. ]

[P.P.S If this is true and there is Co-op for these campaigns can you imagine how busy Kermit's going to be? :P]

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