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Re: This man gets it
Date: 2/26/14 12:42 am
In Response To: This man gets it (davidfuchs)

: Fable, Crimson Skies and Halo are my golden triangle of the O-XBOX. Great fun
: all around.

A little OT, but is anyone playing Fable Anniversary? I found it a good excuse to replay an old favorite, and they seem to have nailed the art style and general feel of the original.

I don't have my XBox games stack in front of me right now, so this list might be incomplete, but here goes:

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II
Star Wars: KotOR I & II
Psychonauts (never finished it, much regret)
Need for Speed: Underground (broke this one on purpose, true story)
Need for Speed: Underground II (did not break this one)
Forza Motorsport

As far as RPG stories go, KotOR is among the best ever made. I still go back and play it every couple of years, nowadays on my Mac. I have a Windows copy but getting it to run widescreen is kind of a pain. The Mac port is actually more recent and works pretty well.

Jedi Knight II probably wasn't the greatest game ever, but I had a lot of fun with it. When I walked I to a GameStop and bought my first XBox with Halo, I figured I should have more than just one game. But I needed something cheap because I was in high school and pretty much only had enough for the XBox and Halo. For whatever reason, this one didn't cost much, and I thought "hey, Star Wars!"

I never finished Psychonauts because my XBox died right after I got the game. I did eventually find out it had been made backwards compatible, but by that time my excitement had died out. Having become more familiar with Double Fine in the last few years, I want to go back and play it now. It's one of several games I have but still need to try and/or finish. Probably the oldest in that group, though.

As a racing enthusiast I can tell you that Need for Speed: Underground was absolutely the worst racing game ever made. The problem wasn't the unrealistic physics. Underground II had the same issue, and I liked that one. The problem was in the catch-up logic - a system that speeds up cars which fall behind. The idea is to prevent a big gap from forming between cars, so you always feel like the race is close. It's supposed to be more exciting. The problem was that the catch-up logic in this game didn't deactivate once a car had caught up. It would keep boosting them until they got too far ahead to even see. So the whole thing became this pain-in-the-ass alternate game of trying to stay in second place until the last moment (while also not getting far enough ahead of any of the cars behind you to trigger the catch-up logic). I played it for a while because I love racing cars and at the time it was my only option. But, one day, I decided I'd had enough. This wasn't a moment of rage at losing one race where I just lashed out and hit things. No, it was colder and more satisfying than that. I just calmly decided that I hated the game so much that I would actually get more enjoyment from watching it snap in half than from playing it. So, I did. I have never once regretted that action.

Oddly enough, Underground II remains one of my favorite racing games. Naturally, I wasn't going to buy it at first given my experience with the first one. However, one of my friends got it on PS2 and after watching him play a few times I was confident it was much better than the original. So I picked it up. They completely fixed the catch-up logic, and also went to an open-world layout in what I remember as a beautiful city. I spent many, many hours cruising around that town and customizing my cars.

Forza Motorsport was a godsend for me. The first console game I ever owned was Gran Turismo on PS1 (we'd had an NES before that, but it was loaned to us - we weren't exactly well-to-do), so racing sims are my thing. I also had Gran Turismo II, and I loved them both. Gran Turismo started me on a path to being a gearhead, a path I'm still on. I say that so you can understand how it pained me to miss out on Gran Turismo 3 and 4, since I never had a PS2. I spent the money on an XBox instead, to play Halo. So, when a racing sim finally came along for the XBox, I can't put into words how excited I was. I got ahold of a demo somewhere, and after about 30 seconds on Laguna Seca I was convinced. The physics were way more realistic than any game I'd played at that point. I bought it immediately, and I've been a Forza player ever since.

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