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Re: How I failed to go for my dream job
Date: 2/21/14 11:38 am
In Response To: How I failed to go for my dream job (Exanubisleader)

: For the last couple of weeks I have been working on applying for the
: franchise writer position. Last night I realized the position was no
: longer available. I had been studying tutorials to prepare my final
: polished document. I failed for a few reasons but I am trying to make the
: best of it. I want to take it as a lesson and hope that the position will
: open in the future. So I will work on my faults and it hope to apply again
: someday.

: I have always respected this forum for being a great place display Halo work.
: I was thrilled to see The Halocaust, a Machinima I made, debut on the
: front page. I also have enjoyed seeing the passionate discussion of fellow
: fans. This is something I was working on as a extra writing sample I was
: going to submit. It was for fun and something I had researched earlier
: before I decided to buckle down and focus on how to create a polished
: document.I wanted to share it. It isn't formatted and I haven't spell
: checked it. It was something I created and didn't want to go to waste. I
: hope someone enjoys it.

: Writing Sample: A canonical revision for the Huragok

: During my time preparing my cover letter, I spent some time revisiting
: Covenant sections of the Halo Encyclopedia. I noticed that the timeline of
: the Covenant had no entries for the discovery of the Huragok. I tried to
: pinpoint when the San 'Shyuum had encountered them and after an hour of
: researching I found only one entry. According to the Halo Bestiarium, an
: art book found in limited editions of Halo 3,San 'Shyuum had discovered
: them on various Forerunner Facilities. It suggests that the Prophets had
: discovered them before the creation of the Covenant. The Halo Encyclopedia
: suggests that the discovery of the Lekgolo, Hunters, allowed the covenant
: to study the inner working of Forerunner relics. If Prophets had Huragok
: before they met the hunters then they would have already had a better
: understanding of forerunner technology. I have created a sample that
: allows both to exist and creates a point of origin.

: Sample

: In 2200 BCE, a radical faction of San 'Shyuum known as the Reformers seized
: control of the Dreadnought, an ancient Forerunner vessel. Three San
: 'Shyuum discovered several alien creatures that maintained the relic.
: After first contact had been established, the alien creatures taught the
: three San 'Shyuum how to operate and pilot the forerunner vessel. Those
: three San 'Shyuum of the Reformers faction became the political leaders,
: the first Hierarchs. They were named the Prophet of Knowledge, Order and
: Destiny. The Prophet of Knowledge, along with the help of the Engineers,
: used scavenged forerunner artifacts to create new technological
: advancements. The Prophet of Order established the draconian social
: structure of Prophet society, most notably, the strict breeding program
: that carefully managed the size of the species. The Prophet of Destiny
: taught San 'Shyuum how to use forerunner relics and created the first
: religious doctrine. The discovery of the Huragok was kept secret for over
: three thousand years, in order to maintain the illusion of power.
: Hierarchs were the only ones allowed to know about the Huragoks until the
: Age of Reclamation.The beginning of the Age of Reclamation was marked by
: the discovery of "new" Huragoks. This discovery had been
: fabricated in order to advance goals of two new Hierarchs that had taken
: power during that time.There objective was to maintain the lie but to
: establish Huragoks as a new helper caste that was under direct control of
: the San Shyuum. This allowed Huragoks to study Forerunner relics outside
: of restricted areas without having to maintain secrecy.
Not to come off as harsh because I have no idea the details of your application, but I'm not sure the sample above would have been a strong offering. It doesn't demonstrate your knowledge of the franchise as it exists, and it's not that interesting from a style standpoint either. Your ideas about the Huragok are interesting but I don't think that's what the application was calling for.

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