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How I failed to go for my dream job
Date: 2/21/14 10:53 am

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on applying for the franchise writer position. Last night I realized the position was no longer available. I had been studying tutorials to prepare my final polished document. I failed for a few reasons but I am trying to make the best of it. I want to take it as a lesson and hope that the position will open in the future. So I will work on my faults and it hope to apply again someday.

I have always respected this forum for being a great place display Halo work. I was thrilled to see The Halocaust, a Machinima I made, debut on the front page. I also have enjoyed seeing the passionate discussion of fellow fans. This is something I was working on as a extra writing sample I was going to submit. It was for fun and something I had researched earlier before I decided to buckle down and focus on how to create a polished document.I wanted to share it. It isn't formatted and I haven't spell checked it. It was something I created and didn't want to go to waste. I hope someone enjoys it.

Writing Sample: A canonical revision for the Huragok

During my time preparing my cover letter, I spent some time revisiting Covenant sections of the Halo Encyclopedia. I noticed that the timeline of the Covenant had no entries for the discovery of the Huragok. I tried to pinpoint when the San 'Shyuum had encountered them and after an hour of researching I found only one entry. According to the Halo Bestiarium, an art book found in limited editions of Halo 3,San 'Shyuum had discovered them on various Forerunner Facilities. It suggests that the Prophets had discovered them before the creation of the Covenant. The Halo Encyclopedia suggests that the discovery of the Lekgolo, Hunters, allowed the covenant to study the inner working of Forerunner relics. If Prophets had Huragok before they met the hunters then they would have already had a better understanding of forerunner technology. I have created a sample that allows both to exist and creates a point of origin.


In 2200 BCE, a radical faction of San 'Shyuum known as the Reformers seized control of the Dreadnought, an ancient Forerunner vessel. Three San 'Shyuum discovered several alien creatures that maintained the relic. After first contact had been established, the alien creatures taught the three San 'Shyuum how to operate and pilot the forerunner vessel. Those three San 'Shyuum of the Reformers faction became the political leaders, the first Hierarchs. They were named the Prophet of Knowledge, Order and Destiny. The Prophet of Knowledge, along with the help of the Engineers, used scavenged forerunner artifacts to create new technological advancements. The Prophet of Order established the draconian social structure of Prophet society, most notably, the strict breeding program that carefully managed the size of the species. The Prophet of Destiny taught San 'Shyuum how to use forerunner relics and created the first religious doctrine. The discovery of the Huragok was kept secret for over three thousand years, in order to maintain the illusion of power. Hierarchs were the only ones allowed to know about the Huragoks until the Age of Reclamation.The beginning of the Age of Reclamation was marked by the discovery of "new" Huragoks. This discovery had been fabricated in order to advance goals of two new Hierarchs that had taken power during that time.There objective was to maintain the lie but to establish Huragoks as a new helper caste that was under direct control of the San Shyuum. This allowed Huragoks to study Forerunner relics outside of restricted areas without having to maintain secrecy.

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