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Re: Huragok are so cool *IMG*
Date: 2/14/14 11:24 am
In Response To: Re: Huragok are so cool (davidfuchs)

: I liked the symbols, however I haven't seen any acceptable translation or
: deciphering of them. I'm holding out hope that they can be interpreted
: (even in a sort of "Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra" way) but they
: could just be loose thematic stories at best.

I'm starting to think Huragok are indie rockers and these are their show posters.

: ODST is the only Halo game I've played Legendary on my first run, and the
: only one I've never really disliked playing on that difficulty; by my
: reckoning it's the easiest Halo Legendary after Combat Evolved (then again
: I know there are people who consider CE one of the hardest ones so maybe
: I'm miscalibrated.) At the very least the shorter levels make it *feel*
: like less of a chore, Coastal Highway aside.

I'm playing on easy and getting my ass kicked. No way I'm ever touching Legendary. :P

: Yes please. It's a place to have some more fun with the mechanics and
: sandbox, and I'd love if they pushed the stealth aspects a bit further.
: Spin them out of the main engine as expansions again too if it makes more
: sense to do so.

It only makes sense to use proven resources. Cuts down on development time and costs, I'm sure. For me though, being stealthy and having gameplay cater to that play style is just one part of the pie. ODST's aren't necessarily trained solely for sneaky sneaky missions. Equal attention should be given to large foot and mounted assaults, among other things.

Having some freedom with the drops would be great too. Make the drop(s) a part of the campaign just as much as fighting on foot. I don't know how much ODST's can control their pods, but I'd really enjoy having to dodge debris, other pods, and anti-aircraft fire all while attempting to accurately hit our landing spot.

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                             I believe so *NM*davidfuchs2/14/14 4:40 pm
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                 Re: Huragok are so coolGrizzlei2/14/14 1:47 pm
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           Re: Huragok are so coolGrizzlei2/14/14 1:32 pm
                 Re: Huragok are so coolPhoenix_92862/14/14 1:33 pm

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