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Re: Huragok are so cool
Date: 2/14/14 11:01 am
In Response To: Huragok are so cool (Grizzlei)

: I just started my first new playthrough of ODST in a few years and came
: across these Forerunner-y looking symbols the Huragok mark everywhere.

: Kinda glad that since the Forerunner mystique has long since vanished from
: the universe, their sole living creations, the Huragok, continue to
: surprise us at every turn. Would be cool to see these symbols show up in
: future games and maybe expose their meaning to us.

I liked the symbols, however I haven't seen any acceptable translation or deciphering of them. I'm holding out hope that they can be interpreted (even in a sort of "Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra" way) but they could just be loose thematic stories at best.

: Anyhoo, ODST is a lot more fun than I remembered. I've always thought the
: story was amazing, but I'm pleasantly excited that time has rekindled my
: appreciation for its gameplay. Mombasa Streets isn't so much of a burden
: for me now as it seemed so long ago. Then again, I've only completed
: Tayari Plaza and have yet to trek an Infinity 's distance across the
: city. You'd think there would be a lot more UNSC ammo and vehicles strewn
: across the city. Oh well, hopefully this excitement lasts throughout the
: open world experience.

ODST is the only Halo game I've played Legendary on my first run, and the only one I've never really disliked playing on that difficulty; by my reckoning it's the easiest Halo Legendary after Combat Evolved (then again I know there are people who consider CE one of the hardest ones so maybe I'm miscalibrated.) At the very least the shorter levels make it *feel* like less of a chore, Coastal Highway aside.

: 343i, can we PLEASE have another ODST?


Yes please. It's a place to have some more fun with the mechanics and sandbox, and I'd love if they pushed the stealth aspects a bit further. Spin them out of the main engine as expansions again too if it makes more sense to do so.

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                             I believe so *NM*davidfuchs2/14/14 4:40 pm
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                 Re: Huragok are so coolGrizzlei2/14/14 1:47 pm
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           Re: Huragok are so coolGrizzlei2/14/14 1:32 pm
                 Re: Huragok are so coolPhoenix_92862/14/14 1:33 pm

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