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Re: Co-op Night: Now with 25% less skull
Date: 10/22/13 10:46 pm
In Response To: Co-op Night: Now with 25% less skull (Kermit)

: Co-op Night

: Screenshot by Fyrewulf.

: Co-op Night Is Wednesday at 9 EDT Master Chief has made it to the
: Infinity, where Commander Del Rio isn't as pleased to see him as one might
: expect. The Commander sends him and a team of ODSTs on a mission to
: destroy a gravity well so that the Infinity can bug out. So Lasky and the
: Chief ride again--this time on something a bit bigger than a Warthog.

: Had a great time running through the jungle last week with stabbim and
: Lawnmower. The chokepoint outside the security door is an area that's been
: difficult for me on Legendary when I've played solo, but we kept the chain
: guns going and made it through without much trouble.
: Here are the stats from last week:

: Team Kermit
: Team Snipe
: Team Padraig (Incomplete)
: Team Bones (Incomplete)

: As you can see, two teams didn't finish, and I've gotten some feedback that
: the game is too hard with all the skulls we have on, so from here on out
: I'm going to make the Tilt skull optional. (I still prefer it myself, but
: different strokes ....)

: Stat-wise between the teams that finished, my team was the most cooperative,
: and bluerunner had the most assists with 47 (I was right behind that with
: 45).

: This week's battle plan:

: Reclaimer

: Legendary Tough Luck, Thunderstorm, and Mythic (fun skulls and Tilt
: optional)

: If you haven't yet, be sure and send a friend request to Coop Night on XBL.
: This will help me organize teams.

: Co-op Night FAQ (V5.1)

: Why co-op?

: I like playing with other people--especially people from the
: communities. We all love inhabiting other worlds and kicking alien butt.
: Co-op Night gives us to chance to do this while also enjoying each other's
: company and maybe getting to know each other better than we might when
: we're trying to shoot each other in the face.

: What will we play?

: A level of the Halo 4 campaign each week until we're done.

: Why only one level?

: There's no limit to what you can play. The battle plan is just a starting
: point. If you want to continue to play the next level, that's fine, but
: personally, Iím about savoring one level per night. Simply put, Co-op
: Night is about having a night where if you show up, it's assumed you are
: interested in co-op with community members, and youíre committed to
: playing through one level.


: So there are no rules?

: Not really, but the goal is to milk as much fun as possible out of each
: mission, and for the most part, this means full path Halo, appreciating
: the story, killing everything, avoiding glitchy shortcuts, and saving the
: galaxy with style while leaving piles of dead enemies in our wake. In
: other words, this is not high speed Halo. Co-op night is about teamwork.
: On co-op night, assists count as much as kills.

: How will teams be formed?

: Here's how team formation on co-op night works.

: 1. Send a friend request to the gamertag Coop Night on XBL. (You can also
: send a note to Kermit7, but friends of Coop Night get invited first.)

: 2. If you're online at the designated time, I assume you have an interest in
: co-op and invite you to my party.

: 3. If and when we have a full party (or multiple parties), we play a short
: custom Free-For-All game and the results will serve as our randomized team
: list. I'll assign team leaders, and we'll count off four starting from the
: top.

: 4. The party leaders leave to form their own Xbox Live party, inviting their
: assigned teammates (usually the two to three names under them in the last
: game results). Then the co-op game begins!

: With luck, this process shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes.

: But what about my friends?

: You have friends? Congratulations! Gathering a party to play co-op should be
: easy whenever you want. Quit your bellyaching, soldier! You've got a job
: to do. Co-op night isn't about playing with the same old people you always
: play with. It's about playing with the community, and maybe
: forming new friendships and bonds forged in brightly colored blood.
: cc: DBO

Captain Del Rio...

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