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Re: Leslie Knooopppppeeeee
Date: 6/11/13 1:48 am
In Response To: Re: Leslie Knooopppppeeeee (NsU Soldier)

: 1.) Where get raggedy cloak? Did he pick one up from a local cave or the UNSC
: caveman armory?

It probably became raggedy through heavy use. There's little metal loops and edge stitching to suggest that this is a purpose-built cloak for the military. Multiple layers on the back break up any protruding lines from the base armor or kit. Perhaps it might have just been the breeze blowing against his chest and torso plating, but it appeared to have a pattern similar to camouflage schemes. The size, which would surely dwarf a normal human, fits perfectly for a Spartan.

Also notice that John is wearing cute little covers over his boot armor plating. :)

: 2.) What's the point of having standard camouflage when going up against
: Forerunner tech? Especially when there's so much that it looks like he
: could trip over it?

Who knows what enemies we'll be facing. The Sangheili, Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar, and Human rebellions are all fair game. All are susceptible to primitively concealed soldiers infiltrating their lines.

: 3.) I guess it could keep some sand out of his air tight, energy-shielded
: space armor. Unless he's trying to find Cortana with no weapons,
: shielding, or hermetic sealing...

Air tight it may be, but many essential components are still located on the exterior. Accumilation of sand in these little nooks and crannies can be just as harmful as a well placed rifle round.

Messages In This Thread

Cloak Theoryzoojoo6/10/13 3:25 pm
     Pretty much what I'm thinking... *NM*iForge6/10/13 3:29 pm
     Leslie KnooopppppeeeeeGrizzlei6/10/13 3:30 pm
           Re: Leslie KnooopppppeeeeeNsU Soldier6/10/13 6:33 pm
                 He knitted it from sand. Chief can do anything ;) *NM*CHa0s6/11/13 1:32 am
                 Re: Leslie KnooopppppeeeeeGrizzlei6/11/13 1:48 am
                       Re: Leslie KnooopppppeeeeeZackDark6/11/13 11:51 am
                             Re: Leslie KnooopppppeeeeeGrizzlei6/11/13 1:38 pm
                                   Who?ZackDark6/11/13 6:40 pm
                                         Re: Who?Grizzlei6/11/13 6:49 pm
                             Re: Leslie KnooopppppeeeeeQuirel6/11/13 7:10 pm
                                   Re: Leslie KnooopppppeeeeeZackDark6/11/13 10:02 pm
                                         Worst fail ever.Ignore the video, look at the link *NM*ZackDark6/11/13 10:03 pm
     Re: Cloak Theorypadraig086/10/13 4:07 pm
     No no no...Moorpheusl96/10/13 4:10 pm
           LOL *NM*zoojoo6/10/13 4:22 pm
     There's a simple explanation.Quirel6/10/13 7:27 pm
     Re: Cloak TheoryPostmortem6/10/13 7:41 pm
           Re: Cloak TheoryTDSpiral6/10/13 8:00 pm
                 Re: Cloak TheoryPostmortem6/10/13 10:58 pm
                       Re: Cloak TheoryTDSpiral6/11/13 4:54 pm
                             Super Chief?zoojoo6/11/13 9:46 pm
                             Nah.Quirel6/12/13 12:40 am
                                   Re: Nah.ZackDark6/12/13 11:27 am
           +1 on the Dune referenceZackDark6/11/13 12:04 am
                 Re: +1 on the Dune referenceNsU Soldier6/11/13 3:19 am
                       Re: +1 on the Dune referencethebruce06/11/13 10:30 am
     More possible theory...SEspider6/11/13 11:13 am
           LOL this was EXACTLY my thought process. *NM*zoojoo6/11/13 9:48 pm

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