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Re: Since we're on the "Road to E3."
Date: 6/6/13 11:25 am
In Response To: Since we're on the "Road to E3." (Gravemind)

Halo CE was and still is my favorite of the series in terms of gameplay. But Halo4's story is by far the best executed of the lot to me. Shame the same can;t be said for it's gameplay.

What made Halo 1 & 2 so great was that the environments were open and free. There was no real way to play through most of the levels. It was the player's choice. There also were no kill zones and that just opened up more possibilities and made the campaigns a LOT more playable. Remember when you finally got to the bottom of the control room? Remember the joy of achieving that pointless goal? How about the time you found a way to skip a entire section of map for speed runs?

Today, we'll never see players driving up the side of large hills to snipe the enemy from a distance, as we did in CE. Why? Because of pointless kill zones. The complete lack of kill zones are what made campaigns re-playable and more enjoyable. Halo3 introduced KillZones and it greatly hurt it's popularity. Sure, clever players found ways around/though those zones, but that still left a HUGE gap for most fans.

Graphics seem to be the king of games today. Not balance or enjoyability. Everything must meet HD standards today. Why? Sure, it's nice to see all those details, but what real purpose do they serve? Believability? It a game set over 500 years in the future with aliens, holograms, space travel, and giant earth like rings. There is nothing believable about those elements. Heck, most people believe humans will have hover cars by that time. Not tires.

HaloCE look incredible with simple but effective graphics and texture tiles. We don't even see those textures in Halo today. And what about destructive environments? I don't even see that in Halo4. CE didn't have it but that because it wasn't expected.

My point is this. Players love the E3 Halo2 introduction video so much because it showed a open environment and characters interacting with each others (today we just get the Conan and Andy clones), easy to navigate map, and simplicity. This is what Fans want. Not super duper graphics that show details down to the centimeter. Not maps so complex that we can't tell where we've just respawned. Not maps that flow in a liner path (no fall back or flank options). Not characters one track minds that just stand there waiting to be shot or dodge/hide. Not campaign maps that force us to play the same way each time (via kill zones).

You want re-playability? Remove Kill Zones in Campaign (only)!! And allow us to remove them in MP's Forge. "We don't want players to miss the true experiences we have setup in campaign." We WON'T!! Most if not all players play campaign normally our first runs through it. But that gets boring very fast. Finding new ways to do things is what makes campaign fun and playable. Cut down the graphics a bit and give us open worlds and we'll be happy. And so will you because you'll be making more sales. Do you really think we bought Halo Anniversary just for the upgraded graphics? It was because of the OPEN WORLD GAMEPLAY.

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